• 10 Aug 2022

Concrete Design Competition ‘REIMAGINE’

The International Concrete Design Competition www.concretedesigncompetition.com for students of architecture and related disciplines has been running for over 20 years and the winning Irish entries for the latest cycle of the competition have been announced.  

‘REIMAGINE’ was the theme for this competition cycle and entries were adjudicated on by a panel which included Tania Miller (Kelliher Miller Architects), David O’Mahony (MOLA Architecture), John Dobbin (Shay Cleary Architects) and Megan McKeever (Shane Birney Architects).

The jury selected two joint winners. The winning projects were submitted by Louise Weston and Pearse Gillan, both from Queens University Belfast. 

On Louise’s project the jury noted: 

“This project investigates the process of reusing materials from an existing building to create a new cultural centre. The approach is methodical and well researched. The proposal demonstrates the importance of developing rigorous methods of documenting and recording building components to ensure effective and sustainable re-use. Using technical diagrams and collected data, each phase of the process is carefully considered from disassembly, transport and method of construction. 

The beautifully executed drawings illustrate how the creative re-use of concrete can result in a richly layered new building. The jury agreed that the proposal successfully interprets the brief utilising a circular strategy for construction that imaginatively re-purposes existing building elements.”

Joint winning entry by Louise Weston, Queens University Belfast

Pearse’s project was entitled ‘ENDURANCE OF ARCHITECTURE’ and the jury commented:

“This proposal stood out from the other submissions by embracing the theme of REIMAGINE, presenting an inventive and refreshing approach to the circularity of concrete. This simple and robust concrete structure, through its clever detailing, can eb and flow with the sand dunes in which it is situated over time. The use of sand cast concrete not only creates unique elements reflecting their environment but also simplifies and optimises their construction. The project is beautifully presented and is a rigorous and elegant development of a strong initial concept.”

Joint winning entry ‘ENDURANCE OF ARCHITECTURE’ by Pearse Gillan, Queens University Belfast

In addition, the jury selected three ‘runner up’ projects which were submitted by Ahmad Ibrahim, John Schumacher and Nicholas Williams, all from UCD.

The jury also noted two entries for ‘honourable mention’, Luke Reilly from SAUL and Anne Cooke from UCD.

In addition to receiving cash prizes, Louise, Pearse, Ahmad, John and Nicholas have been invited to attend an International Concrete Design Workshop in Kassel, Germany later this year where they will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the other students from Europe and the US.

The Competition is funded in Ireland by Cement Manufacturers Ireland (CMI) and the Irish Concrete Federation (ICF).