RIAI Blended Learning CPD: NZEB and TGD Part L Dwellings 2019

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Online on RIAI Digital Chalk | Q&A and Review Session via Zoom
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Event Information

Self Directed Learning over 1 week period, finishing an online Q/A and review session via zoom.

The RIAI present an online CPD focused training course, with Patrick Daly, on the implementation of EU NZEB requirements in the new Part L 2019 Dwellings for both new build and works to existing dwellings. This course has already been delivered in on site workshop format and is being re designed for online delivery.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive overview and induction to the New Part L 2019 Dwellings, which was recently updated to incorporate EU NZEB requirements, and to assist them in applying the requirements in case practice.

The course will provide participants with an understanding of the Part L 2019 TGD including the key changes from 2011 (such as Energy and Carbon limits, new Renewable requirements and method, minimum fabric and services requirements) and the new section and classification type ‘Major Renovation’.

The course will be delivered online and include a series of informative lectures supplemented with some practical case exercises on compliance for new dwellings and works to existing dwellings under major renovation. The course will be divided into sections and include interactive webinar question and answer sessions / discussion.

The course will include a familiarisation of the DEAP method / software (and recent revisions of same under DEAP 4 – with method updates to water, lighting and renewables), which underpins key aspects of the TGD and compliance validation, and highlight the other key technical calculation requirements in particular in relation to the envelope, notably thermal and moisture issues.   

Please note that the focus of this workshop is on Part L compliance and not DEAP and that a more detailed induction to DEAP is available via another RIAI CPD programme.

Course Tutor

Patrick Daly Dip Arch Tech, B Ed Des Tech, Dip Pro Man, MSc Architecture (AEES), MSc Research

The course will be designed and delivered by Patrick Daly who has over 30 years’ experience in design and realisation of buildings and is a leading energy and environmental building specialist with qualifications in a range of building energy and façade analysis tools. Patrick is one of the main lecturers on the NZEB post graduate programme in the Dublin School of Architecture TU Dublin.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course attendees should have a knowledge of;

  • The key changes, structure and main requirements of the new TGD
  • The different requirements for New Build, Existing including new section on Major Renovation
  • How the DEAP method and tool integrates into the TGD and its application in compliance
  • The main requirements for compliance in relation to building fabric, services and renewables
  • The key technical areas of assessment and calculation required by the TGD and
  • Have gained practical experience in the application of compliance requirements to example case exercises for both new build and renovation to dwellings.

Course Structure

The course will be delivered over 1 week, with participants having access to a series of online lectures / exercises, which they can review at their own time and pace, finishing an online Q/A and review session via zoom.

Lecture 1 - Introduction, Part L Overview & Key Changes - Approx 1 hour
Lecture 2 - Part L Section 1 New Buildings (exercises) - Approx 1 hour                               
Lecture 3 - DEAP Overview and Key Fabric Technical Issues - Approx 1 hour
Lecture 4 - Part L Section 2 Existing Buildings (Major Renovation) (exercises) - Approx 1 hour
Online Webinar/Zoom meeting – review and Q/A  - 1 to 2 hours

How to access Course Material

  • On receipt of booking, we will create an account for you on RIAI Digital Chalk platform to access this material. You will receive an email with your login in details.
  • When you have completed the online Course within the specific agreed time (approx. 1 week of self-learning, the CPD section will receive a Complete (Passed) Notification from Digital Chalk.
  • To finalise the online CPD, a review session via Zoom Meeting will be available  on a specific date to be confirmed to you,
  • Completion - Your CPD Certificate will be uploaded onto MyRIAI.

Course Preparation

Participants will need laptop and notepad, internet access and calculator may be useful. Participants should have a digital or printed copy of Part L 2019 TGD Dwellings.