RIAI CPD Links: Energy Renovation for Traditional Buildings - September 2022

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TUS Limerick School of Art and Design, LSAD, Limerick
30 Structured CPD Points

Event Information

This programme is part-time over 15 weeks
Starting date: September

The aim of the programme is to provide learners with the relevant knowledge and skills to operate in this sector and ensure such buildings undergo energy renovations in a safe and sustainable manner. This Module enables energy efficient retrofitting of traditional buildings by understanding the principles of hydroscopic materials and appropriate retrofitting methodologies.

Learning Outcomes

This module is to provide the student with the relevant knowledge of the underpinning principles of building specifications, typical construction performance characteristics, environmental approaches, appropriate methodologies and solutions during the energy renovation of traditional buildings (pre 1940s).

For further information on the programme click here or contact Elisabeth O’Brien.