• Sep 22 - Oct 13
  • 11.00am - 12.00pm

Brexit: NSAI Webinar Series on Standards, Certification, Manufacturing and Trade Intersection

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Tuesday 22 September 2020 - Tuesday 13 October 2020
11.00am - 12.00pm

Event Information

The RIAI is not issuing CPD Certificates for this webinar, please check with NSAI.  Alternatively, on completion of the webinar download and complete the Structured Webinar CPD Evidence Report and upload it to your MyRIAI CPD record as evidence of your participation in this webinar.

Starting on 22 September, NSAI’s Brexit Unit will present a series of four weekly webinars to explain and address how Standards, certification, manufacturing and trade will intersect with Brexit in the coming months.

Presenting webinars for different Irish industry sectors, the Brexit Unit and their special guests will explain how best your business can become Brexit Ready.

Short presentations followed by a Q&A session will run for 45 minutes, total.                                             

  • Session 1: How your Supply Chain could be impacted by Brexit, 22 September

    22 September at 11:00am

    The UK and Ireland’s supply chains have been interlinked for decades – but that may be about to change. Mary White, Head of NSAI’s Brexit Unit is joined by Neil McDonnell, CEO of ISME to discuss how your supply chain could be impacted by Brexit.

    They will be answering questions like:

    • Who are “economic operators”?
    • How will my supply chain role change with Brexit?
    • What are the steps that small businesses need to take in preparation?

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  • Session 2: Brexit and Medical Devices: What you need to know, 29 September

    29 September at 11:00am

    Colm O’Rourke (Medical Devices Industry Engagement at NSAI) will discuss the future of CE marking, accessing markets, and the responsibilities of the importer with respect to Brexit and the MedTech industry. 

    He will be answering questions like:

    • What does the future of CE marking look like for MedTech?
    • How will MedTech companies access markets post-Brexit?
    • If I import medical devices, how will my responsibilities change?
    • How can I prepare?

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  • Session 3: Brexit Readiness for the Construction Sector, 6 October

    6 October at 11:00am

    Construction Product Certification and Regulation is expected to undergo massive change as a result of Brexit. Join Michael Smith (Brexit Unit at NSAI) and John Wickham (Construction Products Regulation at the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government) to find out how your business can best prepare for the changes ahead.

    They will be answering questions like:

    • How will Construction Product Regulation change with Brexit?
    • What changes can I expect to the Declaration of Performance?
    • Will trading with the UK and Northern Ireland change dramatically?
    • What steps can I take to prepare?

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  • Session 4: CE Marking Products post-Brexit, 13 October

    13 October at 11am

    Products bearing the CE mark can be traded in the EEA without restrictions – so how will the process behind CE marking change, post-Brexit? Join Mary White (Head of Brexit Unit, NSAI) and Marcella Rudden (Head of Enterprise at LEO Cavan) who will discuss this important issue, and to find out how you can best prepare for the big changes ahead.

    They will be answering questions like:

    • How do you CE mark a product?
    • Will CE marking change after Brexit?
    • What can I do to prepare?

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Brexit Factsheet read details here.

Note. NSAI's Brexit Factsheets are designed to provide concise and clear information about the potential impacts of Brexit on a number of business sectors. These factsheets are dynamic documents and will be updated as and when events unfold. They are not standalone documents, but they are intended to complement the Brexit guidelines and information prepared by other Government Departments and State agencies.