RIAI Executive


Frank Turvey

Registrar of Architects
Frank is responsible for administering the RIAI’s functions under the Building Control Act 2007 including: keeping the Architects’ Register and providing administrative supports to the four statutory boards and the Registration Body. He is also the RIAI company secretary and in-house legal counsel.
Email: Frank Turvey

Antje Baeger

Admissions Officer
Antje duties includes processing of applications for admission to the Register of Architects and/or RIAI membership, administrative and organisational support to BAEAC and the Technical Assessment and the Admissions Board.
Email: Antje Baeger

Angela Cunningham

Administration Officer
Angela works primarily for the Legal Team and reports to the RIAI Solicitor, also provides support for the Practice Division.

Geraldine Hall

Professional Standards Officer
Geraldine administers the fitness to practice process on behalf of the Professional Conduct Committee and appeals to the Appeals Board. She is responsible for investigating misuse of the title and for the non-statutory mediation process.

Sharon Maguire

Registration and Membership Officer
Sharon is responsible for registering new RIAI Members and new Practice Members, annual charges, maintaining the RIAI database and Online Practice Directory, Membership Stamps, Registration Certificates, Membership Certificates,RIAI Good Practice Guide and RIAI Marks.

Architecture & Communications

Dr. Sandra O'Connell

Director of Architecture and Communication
Sandra works with the Architectura and Public Affairs Committee and is responsible for the RIAI's outreach to Members and the public, including awards, competitions, publications and RIAI communications.

Claudia Stokes O'Dwyer

RIAI Annual Awards and Competitions Officer
Claudia administrates the RIAI Annual Awards, Architectural Competitions, and RIAI Triennial and Biennial Medals.

Sonila Papa

RIAI Online Communications Officer
Sonila administrates the RIAI communications plan for the members and the public, and maintains content for the RIAI website and newsletters. Sonila also works on public events, exhibitions and membership services.
Email: Sonila Papa

Education Division

Sandra Campbell

Education Director
Sandra works with the Board of Architectural Education, responsible for all matters relating to Education and CPD including prescription and notification of qualifications in architecture.

Carol Curran

Education Officer
Carol works with the Board of Architectural Education, responsible for all matters relating to Education.
Email: Carol Curran

Teresa Harte

CPD Officer
Teresa manages RIAI CPD Events, RIAI CPD Bookings and CPD Lottery, CPD Certificates, RIAI CPD Links, RIAI Job Search, Admin Support for RIAI CPD Providers, Administration of RIAI Conservation Accreditation Module Grade III.
Email: Teresa Harte

Finance Division

Máire Mullarkey Byrne

Finance Director
Máire is responsible for ensuring effective financial management and control within the RIAI and contributes towards the financial planning, strategic growth and development of the Institute.

Finuala Hurley

Accounts Officer
Finuala is responsible for the recording and retrieving of RIAI financial details, including maintaining financial records, processing payments, managing payroll and monitoring cash flow.

Olive Garde

Commercial Manager
Olive is the point of contact for commercial companies wishing to engage with RIAI members. Providing advice on routes such as RIAI CPD Network and sponsorship opportunities.
Email: Olive Garde

Practice Division

Joe Miller

Practice Director
Joe oversees the development of RIAI Practice and Regulatory Policy, Practice information, information support for Members and the public, policy support to the Practice, historic buildings, sustainability, accessibility, Part L committees and co-ordinates RIAI Regulatory submissions.
Email: Joe Miller

Peter Andrews

Assistant Practice Director
Peter assists the Practice Director in developing and delivering practice advice and support to members and the Public; Policy research and development; Monitoring and evaluating relevant legislation; Co-ordinating and supporting RIAI Committees and Task Forces; Research projects relating to construction industry.
Email: Peter Andrews


Catherine Bolster

Office Manager
Catherine is responsible for supporting and co-ordinating RIAI operations, looking after facilities, developing and implementing administration systems ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

Bróna King

Bookshop Manager
Bróna manages the bookshop which stocks the largest number of Architectural and Design titles in Ireland, stocks building contracts and members' forms and provides information to members of the public and to RIAI members.
Email: Brona King

Niamh Mackey

Niamh provides a receptionist service in the main bookshop area and is the first point of contact for visitors to the Institute. She provides support to Brona in covering all aspects of the Bookshop operation.
Email: Niamh Mackey

Karlo Benic

Facilities Co-ordinator
Karlo organises hospitality arrangements including catering, car parking and the organisation of conference facilities to ensure the smooth and efficient running of meetings and events. He is also responsible for ensuring that the building internally and externally is clean, tidy and clutter free.
Email: Karlo Benic

Elaine McCarthy

IT Manager
Elaine supports the IT function at the RIAI, managing the Member Database and RIAI Website, project managing new IT software and hardware developments, liaising with suppliers and managing outsourced contracts.