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The RIAI in the Media

Published: Thursday, February 25, 2016

RIAI President

RIAI President - Carole Pollard

This week has been a busy one for the RIAI in the Irish media, with coverage on the RIAI’s Election Manifesto and Housing Policy.

RIAI President Carole Pollard was interviewed on the housing crisis on 22 February on Matt Cooper’s The Last Word, Today FM.
►Click here to Stream the Podcast

Carole Pollard was also interviewed by Paul McNeive in the Irish Independent on 25 February
Click here to view the Irish Independent article 

The Examiner published the RIAI’s call ‘Minister and Department of Built Environment is needed’ on 25 February
►Click here to view the Irish Examiner article

The RIAI’s Housing Policy was cited  as having ‘several interesting and novel solutions’ in the Irish Independent on 20 February
►Click here to view 'Housing should be new government’s priority'

Paul Melia, Environment Editor with the Irish Independent, also cited RIAI Housing Proposals in his article ‘Why housing must be main election issue’ on 20 February
►Click here to view 'Why housing must be main election issue'

Architecture Ireland interviewed Carole Pollard on the objectives of her Presidency 2016-2017.
►Click here to view 'Supporting Sustainable Careers in Architecture', AI Issue 285

You can read more coverage on our website 'In the News'

You can read the RIAI’s Election Manifesto HERE.

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