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The RIAI Build and Extend Theatre at the Ideal Home Show

Published: Thursday, November 09, 2017

The RIAI got a fantastic response from the public for our Build and Extend Theatre and Info stand at the Ideal Home Show 27 – 30 October, which featured some of our members giving their expertise on building and renovation. We put together a great panel of experts who provided information and inspiration as well as practice advice on how to approach a project from multiple angles such as design, life-time adaptability, planning and technical issues such as party walls.

“The permanent tsb Ideal Home Show is a great opportunity to engage with people who are thinking about building, extending or renovating their own properties”, says Kathryn Meghen, CEO of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI). She adds: “Building a new home or remodelling an existing one is a costly and complex endeavour – in addition to the finding the best design solution, there are issues such as planning, Building Regulations and compliance to be considered. Homeowners are investing time, money and their hopes and dreams into the plans for their homes. A registered architect is trained and qualified to get the right result, ensuring that money is spent wisely.” 

Sandra O’Connell, Director of Architecture and Communications at the RIAI, outlines the idea behind the talks programme at the Ideal Home Show: “Nowadays our homes have to work harder for us, as homeowners have decided to remain in their homes for far longer than they used to. People are now looking for a house that will last them throughout their lives instead of moving every few years. They need to think about how flexible and adaptable their homes can be. It can be as simple as deciding that rather than have everything open-plan, they consider putting in sliding doors and partitions. That way they can have an open-plan room when the children are young but when they’re older, they can turn the open-plan into separate zones. We encourage people to think about all of these things and plan for the future.”

She says there is also the issue of young people not being able to move out and so they stay longer at their parents’ house. As a result, parents might want to convert their attic, garage or basement into a space for a student so their children can be part of the family home but still have separate lives. “That’s a very big consideration nowadays - how to make space for everyone in the house.”


Over four days, our programme of talks looked at home improvements through extensions, renovations and remodelling with speakers Eva Byrne (houseology), Fergus Flanagan (Fergus Flanagan Architects), Gareth Brennan (Brennan Furlong Architects), Paul Keenan (Keenan Lynch Architects), Colm Nolan (Circa Design), Seán McCann (McCann Moore Architects), Carol Ryan (CR Architecture), Fergal McGirl (Fergal McGirl Architects), Donal Groarke and Greg Jackson from Jackson Groarke Architects, and Paula Murphy. Thank you to these members for giving their time and expertise on our stage to the large crowds at the show.


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