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The Framework for Building Control Authorities

Published: Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Framework for Building Control Authorities V1.0 published in July of 2014 has been reviewed and updated by the Building Control Project Board Framework working group to accommodate changes in Building Control Legislation and to provide standard methodologies for delivering the Building Control Service to the sector. The updated version “Framework for Building Control Authorities V 1.1 June 2016” was approved by the PSROG on the 7th June 2016. 

The National Building Control Management Project has established a programme of work to comply with the statutory requirements of the Building Control Acts 1990-2014, which is made up of four work streams;

  • Training,
  • Compliance Support, and
  • Inspections, all supported by an
  • IT Enabler (BCMS)

The Framework for Building Control Authorities 2016 is a part of the Compliance Support work stream. A copy is also available on localgov.ie.

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