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Simon Open Door Consultations – Under the Swedish Flag

Published: Wednesday, February 08, 2012

RIAI Members may be delighted to see that, for the first time, IKEA are providing space for RIAI members to hold Simon Open Door consultations at the Dublin store on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2012.  This will be of particular interest to sole practitioners who may enjoy holding consultations in the stylish surroundings of IKEA’s Dublin flagship store.

Marvin Architectural have also for the past six years been providing space for RIAI Members to hold Simon consultations in their showrooms nationwide.  RIAI members are welcome to use these spaces in Cork and Galway again in 2012. Click here to see their locations: www.marvin-architectural.co.uk/Irish-Sales/General-Info/Irish-Sales.htm

Both IKEA and Marvin spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis. To sign up for Simon Open Door 2012, please go to: http://www.riai.ie/members/news_article/sign_up_for_simon_open_door/


**(IMPORTANT NOTE - consultation space at IKEA and MARVIN RATHMINES is now FULL. Space is still available at the RIAI, Marvin Galway and Marvin Cork).**

The website www.simonopendoor.ie is launched to the public on 5 March, so Members advised to sign up quickly to take advantage of the early PR that we will receive from this date!

For information, please contact Clare Finglas, Assistant to Directors, cfinglas@riai.ie, T 01 669 1462.


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