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Secure Back-up and Archiving for Architects' Drawings

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2012


(Image shown: Bus Station, Garage for C.I.E., Donnybrook by Michael Scott, 1949, Courtesy IAA)


The RIAI strongly supports the Irish Architectural Archive (IAA) as an important public resource. RIAI President Michelle Fagan is an ex officio Member of the IAA Board, which includes several other RIAI Members. RIAI Director John Graby is Secretary to the IAA Board.

We invite RIAI Members to support a new IAA project for a Digital File Repository to provide secure day-to-day back-up for drawing files and business records of RIAI practices, as well as a longer-term archival function. Click here for a one-page summary for practising architects.

The RIAI encourages members to enquire about, and express interest in, the services of this repository: contact Colum O’Riordan at coriordan@iarc.ie or 01 6633040.

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