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RIAI Welcomes the new Government’s Focus on the Built Environment

Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Taoiseach’s announcement on the Government’s prioritising of housing, planning, town and village renewal is being welcomed by the RIAI.

The priorities echo those raised by the RIAI in its recent Election Manifesto. The ambition to create quality, healthy and economically vibrant communities is one the RIAI has long advocated for.

RIAI President, Carole Pollard added: "The challenges faced by our built environment cannot be underestimated – currently we have a crisis due to a shortage of homes. We will soon have the challenge of an increasing urban population, an aging population and the growing implications of climate change. There will need to be a coordinated, far-sighted plan to prepare for these changes. For example housing cannot be looked at in isolation and it is heartening to see that the concept of planning is at the core of Minister Coveney’s department.”

The RIAI Housing Policy, published before the election, points to the need for ensuring that the response to the housing crisis has the planning of sustainable communities as a central element to change. This approach can develop more optimum solutions for the long run as any new housing stock must be considered as part of Ireland's built environment for generations to come", concluded Carole Pollard.

The RIAI looks forward to working with the Taoiseach’s Cabinet Committee on Regional and Rural Affairs, Minister Coveney’s Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and Minister Humphrey’s Department for Regional Development, Rural Affairs, Arts and the Gaeltacht in developing structures that address the challenges and support the delivery of quality homes and communities.


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