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RIAI Competitions: Post Primary School Architectural Design Competition

Published: Friday, January 06, 2012

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills have launched a major new architectural design competition for the design of a new post primary school.  The site is located in the neighbourhood of Kingswood, Tallaght in West Dublin, close to Exit 10 southbound on the M50 ring road. Total floor area is 9,506 sq metres. Registration for the Competition opened on 9 January 2012. SUBMISSION CLOSING DATE IS TUESDAY 20 MARCH - Click here to register for the competition:

CLOSING DATE FOR Submission Deadline Stage 1 - TUESDAY 20 MARCH, 12 Noon:

All queries and questions to be emailed to: codwyer@riai.ie

For more information Check Here For Competition Regulations

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 Competition Objectives

The competition is an open two-stage design contest for an architect-led design team. Designers will be expected to:

  1. Comply with the Competition Brief
  2. Create an exciting, functional, stimulating and modern educational environment for pupils, staff, and all other school users.
  3. Create a truly modern and innovative learning environment for students and staff using the latest IT technology
  4. Design a sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly design consistent with andwhich builds on the standards which the Department is currently achieving in school design.
  5. Develop a design solution which offers flexibility for reproduction on other sites of similar size of complexity, with minimal alteration.
  6. Develop construction solutions which have the potential for accelerated delivery dates for school buildings whilst maintaining a high design standard.
  7. Create a design which embodies the principles and objectives of the Government Policy on Architecture 2009 -2015
  8. Meets the principles set out in the Departments Design Team Procedures.
  9. Can be constructed within the cost parameters set out by the Department for post primary school buildings. 



The Competition will be an Architect led Design Team Two-Stage Competition. Each team will consist of a Consultant Architect, Civil Structural Engineer, Building Services Engineer and Quantity Surveyor or Cost Consultant. All disciplines should be appropriately qualified under the relevant European directives. A Project Supervisor for the Design Stage will be appointed separately to the project when the winning scheme is announced. 

Following the Stage 1 submission, and Jury review, it is envisaged that a minimum of three and up to a maximum of seven schemes will be selected to proceed to Stage 2. Each of the Design Teams will receive an honorarium of €10,000.00 on completion of Stage 2.

Following the jury review and recommendation, the winning Design Team will then be awarded the commission for the design and construction of their design, on the selected site. It would be expected that the level of detail to be provided at Competition Stage 2 should be sufficient to allow a planning application to be finalised. In the event of the project not proceeding to formal appointment of the Design Team within one year of the winning announcement, the Design Team will be paid an additional €40,000.00 to be subsumed as part of the overall project fee should it proceed later.

The Department reserves the right to commission, or assign the commissions, for any or all of the premiated Stage 2 schemes and their Design Teams for further projects. The awarding of any subsequent project will be at the sole discretion of the Department, and will be dependent on, but not limited to a number of factors including geographic location, site suitability, design suitability and context, degree of scheme modification required to meet specific site conditions, practice resources and experience, project delivery requirements, available funding, etc.

Queries and questions relating to the competition should be emailed to Claudia O’Dwyer, Competitions Officer, codwyer@riai.ie.


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