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RIAI Bookshop - The Building Site in Eighteenth-Century Ireland (hb)

Published: Friday, September 01, 2017

Available in the RIAI Bookshop

Price: €35.00

This study by the late Arthur Gibney takes you among labourers, craftspeople, contractors, builders, and designers as they populate the building sites of eighteenth-century Ireland.  Gibney tells a story that has never been told so comprehensively before.

Based on extensive documentary research and on a lifetime of experience of building and conservation, Gibney takes the interested layperson, the student, the architect, and the conservationist behind the facades to give us an understanding of paint colors-such as Venetian red and Spanish brown-the manufacture of stucco, the variations of Irish, English, and French glass, the composition of masonry walls, and much more in our great legacy of Georgian buildings. [Subject: Irish Architecture, Architectural History, Irish Studies, Georgian Dublin]

The book is available at the RIAI Bookshop at a cost of  €35.00. Please contact Brona King at bking@riai.ie for more information.

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