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Oliver Plunket Street, Cork Wins ‘Best Street’ from the Academy of Urbanism

Published: Monday, November 09, 2015

Oliver Plunket Street, Cork has won the ‘Best Street’ award from the Academy of Urbanism.

Steven Bee, chair of the Academy, said: “This is proof that a secondary shopping street does not have to be second-rate. Many of its traditional small shops survived because they were close the city centre shops that draw lots of people to Cork.This is now proving attractive to new shops, restaurants and other businesses for whom the tight layout and small properties are affordable and attractive. Improvements to the public realm are attracting more people and more investment.

“Our finalists, this year as every previous year, are places that offer evidence of how great places evolve from the efforts of their citizens, institutions and enterprises. The Academy of Urbanism celebrates the achievements of our 15 finalists and the lessons they offer to other places seeking to emulate their success.”

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