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News Coverage of RIAI President and RIAI Members - Proposals for Certification

Published: Thursday, May 24, 2012

The DoECLG Proposals for Certification under the Building Regulations have attracted considerable media coverage including an interview with RIAI President Michelle Fagan in the Sunday Business Post on 20 May 2012, a cartoon by RIAI Architect Andrew Judge published in Broadsheet.ie and an article by RIAI Architect Mike Morris in The Journal.

"Given the collaborative nature of any building project, we are calling on the government to ensure that everybody takes their piece of responsibility, we can only be responsible for the elements where we have expertise", said RIAI President Michelle Fagan.

Links to all media coverage:

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The RIAI would like to thank its members for making submissions on the Proposals for Certification and for alerting us to media coverage. We will inform all members on the RIAI submission.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 24 May at 5.30pm. Submissions should be sent to Paris Beausang, Architecture / Building Standards, DoECLG, E buildingstandards@environ.ieand copied to Practice Director Joe Miller, jmiller@riai.ie.

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