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Minister’s Review of Arrangements for the Registration of Architects

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr Phil Hogan, T.D., has requested Garrett Fennell, Solicitor and Chair of the Statutory Admissions Board established by the RIAI to conduct an independent review of the arrangements for the registration of architects under the Building Control Act 2007.

The Register for architects was established in November 2009, following establishment of the Admissions and Technical Assessment Boards in May 2009, a year after the Act was commenced in May 2008. During that time 3108 architects have been deemed eligible to register by the Admissions Board, 2698 of these were admitted when the register was first established and 410 have been deemed eligible since then. Of that 410, 11%, or 45 architects, have applied and been successful on the basis of practical experience and independent assessment. The routes architects have taken to registration break down as follows:

Breakdown of Applicants registered post November 2009 N %
Applicants with Irish Formal Qualifications 205 50%
Applicants with EU Formal Qualifications 131 32%
Applicants with International (non-EU) or multi-State Qualifications 29 7%
Applicants seeking registration on the basis of practical experience 45 11%

  - Ministers List (post 2009)*
  - Technical Assessment *
  - Register Admission Examination

Total 410 100%

*Those on the Minister’s list were admitted to RIAI membership from 1 May 2007 and the majority are included within the 2698 architects registered when the register was first established. The first group of registrants also included those who had successfully completed the technical Assessment Pilot Scheme and achieved RIAI membership on that basis.

Five years after the commencement of the Act, and with the register in operation now for over three years, it is an opportune time to review systems and procedures generally.

RIAI members, including architects, architectural technologists and graduates are invited to make submissions to the review. The terms of reference are set out in the following extract from Garrett Fennell’s letter of invitation to make a submission:

“The terms of reference to the Review are as follows:

  1. To carry out an independent review of the arrangements generally for the registration of  Architects under the Building Control Act 2007
  2. To take stock of the overall experience to date in relation to the operation of the registration system with a view to seeing how the system can be further improved
  3. Having regard to the lower than expected number of applications from practically trained architects, to review and make specific recommendation on how the registration of practically trained architects can be better encouraged”

The RIAI is invited to make a submission for consideration which should be returned by email on or before 10 May 2013 to architectsreview@environ.ie. It would be appreciated if submissions could be kept as brief as possible  and directly relate to the matters covered by the terms of reference of the review stating the concern or view held and whatever remedies you would recommend to address it.  A brief covering letter outlining any relevant matters you wish to bring to my attention may also be included. 

Following an analysis of the submissions it may be necessary to meet with some stakeholders to explore in more detail or otherwise clarify the content of their submissions. 

You should be advised that any information you submit will be subject to the Freedom of Information Acts and may be placed in the public domain.“

RIAI members who wish to do so may copy their submissions to the RIAI for information, if so please address copies to info@riai.ie marked for the attention of the Registrar John Graby.

Please see attached complete letter of invitation from Garrett Fennell.  Download Review of Arrangements for the Registration of Architects_received 16 April 2013

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