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Minister Deenihan Launches RIAI Annual Review, Irish Architecture, Vol 2

Published: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jimmy Deenihan, TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, has launched the RIAI’s new Annual Review, Irish Architecture, Vol.2 (2011/12). The publication marks the far-reaching achievements of Irish architecture, both at home and abroad, over the past two years. Containing 144-pages of award-winning buildings alongside essays and reviews by leading cultural and architectural commentators, the book offers a fresh and uplifting look at contemporary Irish architecture.  It also features a section on recent RIAI competitions, emerging practices and essays on the Irish architect Dr Ronnie Tallon, whose distinguished career was marked with a life-time achievement award, the Gandon Medal, from the RIAI.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Deenihan said: “This publication is particularly impressive as it not only reflects the best work carried out by Irish architects over the last 18 months, it also reviews the recent  awards won by Irish architects and architectural competitions held during the year. I am greatly encouraged to see a broad range of residential, public and commercial projects being represented. I have no doubt that a Review such as this will act as an effective tool in promoting to the Irish public and to an international audience the quality, diversity and range of work being undertaken by Irish architects. Ireland has an architectural track record of very high standing internationally, and contemporary Irish architecture, as presented in this fine publication, is of a standard shared with the rest of Europe.”

The landmark buildings featured in-depth range from the iconic Aviva Stadium to award-winning house extensions and the legendary Milk Market, which won the coveted RIAI Public Choice Award earlier this year, with over 10,000 votes registered online by the general public.  Reviewing the work of Irish architects, the distinguished English Architect Edward Jones writes in the RIAI’s Annual Review, Irish Architecture: ”Competitions are being won by Irish architects in Milan, London and Toulouse; studios are being run by Irish architects in Princeton, Yale, and Mendrisio; exhibitions on Irish architecture are being installed in Venice and Toronto. Their pedigree is impeccable and in distant parts they whisper in trepidation that "the Irish are coming!". Other contributors include Frank McDonald, Professor Roy Foster and former Irish Rugby player Denis Hickie.

RIAI President, Paul Keogh, who initiated the RIAI’s Annual Review, says that Irish architecture has a value beyond its functional footprint, not least in boosting inward investment, including tourism, and contributing to the development of “Brand Ireland”.

Photos from the launch night of the RIAI Annual Review, Irish Architecture, Vol.2, (clockwise from top left): Minister Deenihan, Niall McCullough and Valerie Mulvin; Daniel Moorehead, Ann Hughes and Gareth Bennett from Origin Design; Miriam Doyle and Rachael Chidlow of PKA Architects; RIAI Members browsing in the RIAI bookshop.



Irish Architecture, The RIAI Annual Review, is published by the RIAI and has been funded under the Government Policy on Architecture, 2009-2015.

Editor: Dr Sandra O’Connell. Editorial Team: Dermot Boyd, John Graby, Paul Keogh and Kathryn Meghen. Design: Origin.

Copies (€30) are available from the RIAI Bookshop as well as from select bookshops in Ireland.


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