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Irish Times Publishes RIAI’s Right to Reply

Published: Monday, November 28, 2011

Update: The Irish Times Publishes the RIAI's Right to Reply

The Irish Times has published on Monday, 28 November the RIAI's right to reply to an article by Michael Casey regarding fees, safety and architects’ responsibilities. The RIAI’s Solicitors had written to The Irish Times pointing out the inaccuracies in Michael Casey’s article “Architects must answer for misery of bad buildings”, published on 8 November, and requested a right to reply.

The Irish Times, 28 November

"Allegation of 'cosy association' between architects and builders simply untrue", A response to Michael Casey’s Opinion article criticising the architecture profession in Ireland, by John Graby


The RIAI is concerned by the inaccurate, misleading and damaging comments made by Michael Casey’s article. The primary concerns of the RIAI are the lack of understanding by Michael Casey on the difference between a Building Contract and a Client Architect agreement and the damaging inaccurate comments on fees, safety and architects’ responsibilities.

Many members have written excellent letters to The Irish Times and have posted comments on The Irish Times website seeking to clarify the situation and encourage those who are concerned to write to the Editor. See Members' Letters to The Irish Times

Below is a link to the article by Michael Casey, The Irish Times, 8 November 2011,Architects must answer for misery of bad buildings

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