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Irish Architects Lecture in LA, Berkeley and Chicago

Published: Friday, November 11, 2011

Irish Architecture Now – a series of discussions with Irish architects in the U.S. as part of Culture Ireland’s Imagine Ireland initiative – currently continues in LA, Berkeley and Chicago.  The IAN blog is an opportunity to stay in touch with the lectures and to take a look at blog is a collection of thoughts and reflections from various contributors inspired by Irish Architecture Now. It is a portal into the experiences, happenings, connections, impact and effect of the formal events, the chance meetings around them and other interesting stories that creatively connect the U.S. and Ireland. Express your own responses or reactions by commenting on writings from: Claire Lyster, Chicago | Kai Gutschow, Pittsburgh | Karen McEvoy , Dublin | Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Dublin| Kazys Varnelis, New York | Maxim Laroussi, Dublin | Merrit Bucholz, Limerick | Nathalie Weadick, Dublin | Over Under, Boston | Raymund Ryan, Pittsburgh.


Categories: Architecture | CPD

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