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Historic Towns Grant Scheme

Published: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Community Heritage Grant Scheme
To Mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) in 2018, Irish Heritage Council are focusing our Community Heritage Grant Scheme on the theme Make a Connection, to encourage communities throughout Ireland to build heritage connections that will last long beyond the year. The Heritage Council are looking for creative, engaging projects that provide a way for the public to learn about and manage our natural and cultural heritage. 

Who can apply?
The scheme is open to:

  • not-for-profit voluntary and community groups, and
  • heritage-related non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Applications from other organisations or individuals will not be accepted. 

The Heritage Council has allocated €750,000 to this scheme in 2018. The most you may ask for is 75% of the funding of the total project expenditure, up to a maximum of €8,000. 


Historic Towns Grant Scheme

The Historic Towns Initiative will allocate a sum of €1 million among a number of historic towns for heritage-led urban regeneration projects. A total fund of €1,000,000 (capital funding) is available to local authorities under the Historic Towns Initiative (HTI). Each local authority may put forward one application for funding under the HTI 2018 for a historic town in their functional area.

Closing Date: 22nd February 2018 at 5:00pm (online application process)

Categories: Architecture

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