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Happy International Women’s Day from the RIAI

Published: Friday, March 08, 2019

On #International Women's Day, we have gathered some thoughts from our CEO Kathryn Meghen and from Members of RIAI Council to support fellow women in the architecture professions:


"There are lots of opportunities out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to get outside your comfort zone. My advice is to support each other and build your networks – including those outside architecture." Kathryn Meghen, RIAI CEO


"Gender is incidental, be confident in your strengths and skills, be brave, learn from your mistakes, listen and learn from others, solve problems and be patient." Charlotte Sheridan, MRIAI, RIAI Council and Honorary Secretary


"Be clear about what's driving you, and the values that underpin your decisions in your projects and broader career. Identify people who share those values and learn from them and their experience. Be tenacious and ambitious, always, and aim for excellence in what you do but recognise that there are many ways to practice architecture and contribute to the field."  Emma Geoghean, MRIAI, RIAI Council  


"To emerging female architects: Be yourself! Combine the typical ‘yin’ qualities of sensitivity, empathy and inclusivity with ‘yang’ qualities of firmness, focus and clarity. Build support and teamwork. Be flexible and persistent, it is a journey and a process, not a goal. Delegate with a smile, take on and pass on the torch, you are part of many.  Selma Harrington, MRIAI, RIAI Council


We would also like to share an inspiring story from Indian Architect Sonali Rastogi as reported in Dezeen. Her firm Morphogenesis has become one of the world's first architecture practices to report a gender pay gap in favour of its women employees. The leading firm, which has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, announced a "gender-positive pay gap", ahead of International Women’s Day. Data calculated using the median of its staff's salaries showed women at the studio earn 2.05 per cent more than men on average. The company also revealed that women lead four of its five departments. 

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