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Electric Picnic 2018 Calls for Designers to Enter Art Caravan Competition

Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Once a year for a short window of time, artists and creators with an appetite for a good festival are given an opportunity to let their creative hair down. Electric Picnic will provide up to 10 grants (between €500 and €3,000) for designing, building and presenting your own ART CARAVANS at Electric Picnic.

That’s it really – you turn a caravan (or something with wheels that can come and go) into something implausibly wonderful, and we will give it a home from home at Electric Picnic, in the mobile-tropolis called ‘Trailer Park’.

For the first time Electric Picnic is casting  its net further afield to creative talent overseas and inviting  applications from the United Kingdom to enter. The deadline for entries is 15th April so it’s time to get creative!


Trailer Park is Electric Picnic’s moment of madness, a haven of hilarious caravans, utilitarian mobile homes that have undergone surgery, vans re-functioned, campers converted. Collectively they create a metropolis of tiny venues, interactive cultural outposts, fun-clinics and oddball theatres.

For the past four years over 60 creators have been given grants to help them realise their wildest ideas, and become part of one of the strangest art and design communities in the country.

The organiser are looking for more jubilant and bewildering caravan-based ideas to join Trailer Park – we are seeking fresh designers, artists, engineers, technicians, community groups, thespians, dancers, builders, architects, furniture makers, photographers, sculptors, horticulturalists, steelworkers and most of all dreamers and asking them to emerge from their cerebral laboratories with some preposterous festival inventions!


These bursaries are not for your labour; they are for materials or skills that you do not have! We are looking for projects that stand on their own as installations, independent of performances or activities, although these may well accompany and complete the installation. They do not need to be roadworthy, but it would definitely help if they were. They do need to be safe. They need to be about the design of the exterior as well as the interior, and applicants should think about lighting as the area operates at night-time as well as daytime.

Please note that this project will require a significant time investment, and the ability to adhere to firm deadlines, and is going to need to be fuelled by artistic and practical passion.

The number of crew passes required to host your venue for the three full days of the festival is 8, and these obviously include camping. They can’t be shared.

For further information visit https://www.electricpicnic.ie/news/electric-picnics-fantastic-and-fabulous-trailer-park-competition-back



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