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Dublin-based Y Design Workshop Shortlisted for RIBA competition

Published: Monday, September 22, 2014

Dublin-based Y Design Workshop has been shortlisted for the interview stage for the “Tomorrow Train Design Today” RIBA competition. The concept, designed by architect Greg Dubiel with contribution from architect Tom Hunt, was among the entries shortlisted for the interview as part of a two stage selection process.

In association with RIBA, the Future Railway Team and the Department for Transport, UK launched an open international competition inviting architects, engineers and designers worldwide to propose new ideas to improve the design of passenger rolling stock across the GB rail network. The challenge was to develop entirely new concepts for the interior fitment of a train with a focus on flexibility and adaptability, within the space available on typical existing GB rolling stock vehicle classes.

Y  presented the idea to the jury panel during an interview in the Future Railway office in London.You can see the presentation on the following LINK

The innovative concept combines the best train interior practices, from a short distance tube-like configuration to a first class intercity train. The uniqueness of the solutions allows for making these arrangements inside the same rolling stock carriage. The innovative support enables the seats to twist which opens possibilities for multiple configurations. The seats have three basic positions:

  1. Parallel to the main train axis – maximising standing space for short, peak- time commuters,
  2. Perpendicular position – standard, universal position for short and long off  peak- time travelling,
  3. 30 degrees angle – business, first class space, with the second seat rotated 180 degrees to form a table and an additional space for luggage.
  4. The interior design can be re-configured 'on-the-move' by members of the travelling public to gradually address their needs in real time, or the operator can re-configure it during vehicle turnaround. It will provide the opportunity for efficient access and egress, also allowing for minimising dwell times by simply widening the circulation zone in the vicinity of the doors.

The Y team received very positive feedback from the jury, however, the concept was not among the proposals selected for funding. This was primarily due to the very early stage of the design proposal and the potential risks associated with bringing such a unique design to market. The Y team is currently working on the development of the idea and a future prototype with interested private investors.


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