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David Flynn Wins International Ideas Competition

Published: Thursday, December 01, 2011

RIAI architect David Flynn has emerged as the Winner of the ‘Professional Category’ in an open ideas competition – ‘Designing from the Inside Out’ – for an Academic Interchange at the University of Bremen. Organised by the Spatial Cognition Departments at the Universities of Freiburg and Northumbria, there was particular focus on the way-finding experience of the first-time visitor to the building.  The project was exhibited at the German Consulate to the UN as part of a symposium entitled 'Spatial Cognition in Architectural Design' supported by the German Research Foundation and the National Science Foundation (United States).  David Flynn was also recently invited to present the project as part of the US symposium, which was attended by architects, architectural educators, cognitive psychologists, and computer scientists in fields such as immersive visualisation. “The symposium and ensuing discussion were hugely interesting”, says Flynn, “as the subject is concerned with the physiological and psychological reactions of people to buildings, and can be a measure of the architect's success in translating a concept into something intelligible to the lay-person”. www.dflynn.com

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