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AIARG 2020 Limerick “Earth as Client” – Call for Papers

Published: Monday, July 08, 2019

The Earth as Client

AIARG All-Ireland Architecture Research Group

Ninth Annual Conference | Limerick, 23 + 24 January 2020

Call for Papers

“We see the earth as Client. This brings with it long-lasting responsibilities.”Few have expressed the urgency of a collective and collaborative effort on a global scale as succinctly as curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara in their FREESPACE MANIFESTO for the 2018 Architecture Biennale in Venice. In the words of Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Change, “what we need is the cultural world to help us invent the narrative of the world we must work for… the narrative of how we will live… that will move people in a positive way.” The research, thinking, ideas, visions, images, stories, and designs from the variety of ways in which architecture is practised playa significant role in leading this new narrative of keeping our earth as a liveable world for future generations. As it has the capacity to span scales, to engage deeply with context and society, with technology and economy, architecture must take cultural leadership in this global action.

The AIARG annual conference promotes innovative academic research as well as the practice, pedagogy and progress of architecture in the widest sense. We invite contributions from researchers, practitioners, theoreticians and pedagogues of architecture, and from those of other disciplines working within and around the interests of architecture. We welcome papers that consider the impact, contribution and responsibilities of architecture across a range of topics that might include but is certainly not limited to:

−  adaptive governance, policies, architecture as a public service
−  architect and/as client, contractual relationships
−  bodies, gender, empowerment, advocacy, de-colonisation 
−  climate action, sustainable futures, science fiction
−  experiments in education, innovative pedagogies
−  geology, geography, light, air, atmospheres, energy, time
−  globalisation, alternative economies, commodification of design
−  histories of habitation, spaces of refuge, digital spatial futures
−  innovative construction, materials, technologies, structures
−  imagination, cultural artefacts, literature, photography, design
−  radical ecologies, sustainable landscapes, local and global habitats
−  spatial justice, global migration, networked societies

Please submit abstracts (300 words or less) along with your contact details and a short biography (100 words) to 2020aiarg@gmail.com by 21 October 2019 latest.

23 January 2020  Architecture Students Thesis and Dissertation Symposium (morning); AIARG Research Workshop “Making Research Happen” (early afternoon); AIARG Keynote Lecture (late afternoon) and Conference Dinner (evening)
24 January 2020  AIARG Annual Conference – Paper Presentations (all day)

Following the conference, authors may be invited to submit their conference papers for publication in building material, the peer-reviewed journal jointly published by the Architectural Association of Ireland, the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group and the Irish Architecture Foundation.

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