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100 Days to a Younger Brain – TCD Neuroscientist Dr Sabina Brennan to Speak at the RIAI Conference

Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

With stress identified as a major factor in our brain health, how can we make our brains resilient, improve brain health and reduce the risk of dementia? Dr Sabina Brennan, a Trinity College psychologist, neuroscientist and author of the No 1 best-seller 100 Days to a Younger Brain, will discuss these topics at the RIAI Conference on Friday 4 October.  Dr Brennan’s scientific research at Trinity College Dublin has focused on brain health and dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function might be prevented or delayed.

Dr Brennan is also an award-winning science communicator and her public engagement projects include quirky animations, which aim to increase the societal impact of scientific research by translating complex content into easy-to-understand resources for the general public and key stakeholders. Her mission to promote brain health has won her awards for science communication and recognition of the societal impact of her work. Most recently she was listed as one of IMAGE magazine’s Women of the Year 2018.

Sabina is a passionate advocate and volunteers on multiple committees and panels including SAGE (advocacy for vulnerable older adults), The Advocacy Committee for Alzheimer Society of Ireland and is a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel for Alzheimer’s Disease International – a global voice for dementia. She has advised the Irish Government on promoting brain health and is currently advising the All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity in the United Kingdom.

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