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RIAI Urban Design Seminar and Workshop Series April 2010 – **Book individual sessions or the entir


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


10.30AM – 4PM (Registration 10AM)


RIAI, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2


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After a very successful launch in late 2009 in Dublin and Cork, The RIAI, in partnership with PlaceMakers, is pleased to deliver a further Urban Design Seminar and Workshop Series. The six day course is designed specifically for professionals involved in the design and management of urban places and spaces.
PlaceMakers is an organisation specialising in urban design education, research and advice. The central aim of PlaceMakers is to improve the quality and experience of our urban areas and to equip the built environment professions with the tools and knowledge needed to do so.

Key Learning Outcomes & Benefits:
• Develop a knowledge of the fundamentals of urban design, including its principles and objectives, historical development and examples, practicalities and techniques, in relation to current and future challenges.
• Acquire best-practice knowledge and develop skills from leading urban design practitioners.
• Gain the confidence and ability to articulate why good design is important, and to recognise and understand the difference between good design and design that could raise problems in the future.
• Refine knowledge and design skills at both the strategic and detailed scales.
• Enhance visual communication skills.
• Create a network of peers while learning from each other through interdisciplinary collaboration.
• Develop an interdisciplinary perspective on urban design incorporating economic, social, political and environmental considerations.

Principal Tutor: Sarah Rock, PlaceMakers PG Dip. Urban Design (Oxford Brookes); Masters Urban Design & Development (UNSW); Prof. Cert. in Urban Engineering, Design & Management of the Public Realm (PRIAN).]

Every Session has a co-tutor from the public sector, private sector or semi-state, each with a qualification in Urban Design, including: Grainne Shaffrey (Director, Shaffrey Associates); Jason Taylor (Planner & Urban Designer, South Dublin County Council) & Eoghan Ryan (Head of Planning & Urban Design, National Building Agency).

Series Format: A six-day intensive course involving a comprehensive introduction to the practice and theory of Urban Design, with a more advanced focus on key areas of topical interest. The individual sessions will incorporate seminars and case studies, followed by a hands-on design studio/workshop exploring the subject area in more detail. To ensure the course is engaging and maximises learning outcomes, active ‘student’ participation will be a key component. Class sizes are small so that discussion and interaction will be easily facilitated.

Award: Attendees will be awarded with a CPD certificate in Urban Design.
CPD Points:  structured ( structured points per session)
Class size:   18 maximum

Course Testimonials:
This course really brings home the value of good design and why it matters. The course is divided into logical modules each with a theory and workshop element - both well balanced and related. The course material gives good direction for the myriad of guidance available and advises on further reading for specific topics. The course is very practical in that the exemplars used are Irish environments and places familiar to us all. The workshops are realistic in the way they deal with making new places but more importantly working with existing environments and their problems and how to think about ‘fixing’ them. Finally the mix of attendees involved in different types of work leads to lively debate and social interaction!”

I attended the Urban Design Series and it was very beneficial in understanding the fundamentals of urban design in varying contexts. The series was well defined and the workshop component of daily presentation is a great feature. I would highly recommend attendance.”

“I recently attended the full series of Urban Design and Workshop seminars by Sarah Rock (PlaceMakers). The course was really well structured and gave adequate time to the content of each of the subjects discussed. The topics themselves were well articulated, informative and highly relevant to the “day to day” practice. The lectures were very interesting and the workshops produced good responses in a relaxed, good humoured but worklike manner.”

“I would like to say that the Urban Design course I attended in Cork was excellent. The course was very informative, comprehensive and very hands-on to the current practice of Urban Design. It also offered a comparative overview of theories and projects in Ireland and abroad. I would recommend its attendance both to professionals already involved in the field and to those who are approaching the subject for the first time. Also, my sincere congratulations to Sarah Rock for her dedication and generosity in sharing her knowledge with her students.”
Elisabetta Tonazzi MRIAI

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