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RIAI South Architecture Lecture Series - “Working with Fragility” - Stephen Taylor Architects


Wednesday, March 27, 2019




CCAE, School of Architecture, Douglas St. Cork.



Event Information

As part of the upcoming RIAI Southern Region lecture series, titled “Working with Fragility”, Stephen Taylor Architects and Witherford Watson Mann Architects will deliver a series of key note lectures in Cork.

Each architect will discuss their work under the theme of working in historical contexts and fragile environments.

Stephen Taylor Architects
6pm March 27th 2019. CCAE, School of Architecture, Douglas St. Cork.

Witherford Watson Mann Architects
6pm May 8th 2019. Venue to be confirmed.

*These lectures are free admission and all are welcome. Guests are encouraged to turn up early as space is limited.

Further information on the studios:

Stephen Taylor Architects
Stephen Taylor Architects are an award winning RIBA Chartered practice that work both domestically and internationally to produce high quality contemporary buildings and urbanism. Stephen Taylor has led the office in Shoreditch, East London since 1993. The practice was named AYA Architect of the Year in 2009 and again in 2010 for our work in housing and masterplanning.

With a continuing commitment to architecture’s social dimension, as well as its capacity for artistic and cultural expression, we recognise the collective process by which buildings and cities are made as part of an ongoing economic, social and cultural continuum. Amongst our interests lie a strong concern for the direct emotional effect that architecture can have through its physical and pictorial presence, material association and constructional directness. An architecture that can be consensual whilst catalytic, mundane yet dramatic. We are committed to the craft of sustainable construction and the research of new technologies in pursuit of making buildings that fulfil not only our clients’ expectations of space, light and air, but also economic and efficient procurement and environmental responsibility.


Witherford Watson Mann Architects
“We started off our collaboration, nearly twenty years ago, with a series of walks through the edges of London; since then, we have approached every project as an open-ended enquiry. We have no stock answers for how the change that our clients seek will translate into building; instead we find out through dialogue and adaptive design, helping progressive institutions realise their ambitions and reinforce their values. Whether adapting an old furniture factory for Amnesty or shaping the city plan for London’s Olympic quarter, we have always made the most of what is already there, adding judiciously to maintain the distinctiveness of each place but transform its capacity. We are now a small, skilled studio of seventeen, with Stephen, Chris and William still closely involved in the design and delivery of all projects.

Our best known building, Astley Castle for the Landmark Trust, won the 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize for its distinctive entwining of past and present. A minimal new structure salvages the historic remains of the castle, and makes rooms enriched by eight centuries of change. The project shows our inventiveness, our care and craft, and our ability to guide a client somewhere they wanted to go but weren’t sure how to get to.
The way we work – patiently, openly and collaboratively – equips us for a wide range of projects. We have built social housing, cultural buildings and public spaces, and prepared strategies for the renewal of large urban areas. We are currently designing for higher education, for small businesses, and for older people. We distil the complexities of contemporary collectives, of urban sites and public processes into durable, economical solutions that remain open to future change.”


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