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Living Building Challenge - Jason McLennan Lecture


Thursday, July 22, 2010




RIAI, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2


Please email koneill@riai.ie if you plan on attending.

Event Information

Living Building Challenge is a fantastic sustainable architecture initiative from the US grounded in a highly rigorous vision of what makes a building sustainable and is leading to the development of a whole new generation of deep green buildings.
LBC is a step change in how we see architecture  in that it is envisions buildings that are producers, habitats and  teachers as well as being sumptuous and delightful places to work and play. It leads to buildings that go far beyond the current low energy/ PassivHaus/Co2 abatement debate, and leads to what Solearth call ‘full spectrum sustainabilty’ – real design with nature but in  practical real world context.
The ‘standard’  See http://www.ilbi.org/the-standard/version-2-0 is  totally independent and is based on a building meeting all the green ‘imperatives’ (ie pre-requisites for all aspects of sustainability) rather than being an  ‘a la carte’ approach  and is only awarded after the building is completed. It treats water, materials, ideas, social aspects, health, and beauty very seriously
Founded by Jason MacLennan, of the most high profile green building council in the US,  LBC is the breaking wave in green design. Jason who will be in Ireland as a guest of Enterprise Ireland will speak at the RIAI in Dublin at 7pm on 22 July 2010.

All Welcome - if you plan on attending the lecture, please email koneill@riai.ie.

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