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Shaping Space

Shaping Space is a programme designed for fifteen to sixteen year olds, but it can also be used for young children or for older students.

Starting with their own homes and communities, young people explore a range of social, environmental, technical and aesthetic issues related to architecture and the built environment.

They look at different types of buildings and towns, explore planning, design, materials, building technology, conservation and preservation in Ireland and in other societies and other ages.

They can get involved in design exercises, sketching, drawing, plans and models, field trips, surveys and seminars. If the potential for Cross-Curricular Connections is exploited students can produce art or craft work, photographs, film, poetry, music, essays, furniture, landscapes, prototypes, scientific, social or economic reports, public presentations and debates.

Shaping Space is carefully designed to meet the real needs of schools, teachers and students. The programme can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual schools and students, and its format ensures that any school can include a single module or a year-long course within the academic year.

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