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Architecture & Young People


The quality and sustainability of our built environment in the future will be determined by the children and young people of today.

They will be the clients, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow. And their ability to make sound, informed decisions will depend on the education they receive.

The RIAI's Architecture & Young People Website aims to provide access to materials, resources and programmes which can help primary and secondary school teachers and their students to understand architectural design and the process by which the environment is shaped. It can also be used by Architects interested in working with teachers in the context of 'Architect in Residence' programmes.

The RIAI Architecture and Young People webpage forms part of the Union of Architects Built Environment Education (UIA/BEE) Network, an electronic portal designed to encourage the exchange of information and experience on teaching children about architecture.

 For access to 'Architecture & Children' programmes in other countries please visit: www.uia.archi.en

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