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The development and support of architectural education, in its broadest sense, has been always been one of the central roles of the RIAI.   The Institute’s educational activities fall into two principal strands: education for the profession and education for the public.

Professional Standards

The RIAI helps to maintain high standards of professional practice by:

Careers in Architecture

The RIAI provides career advice for young people who are considering a  career in architecture or architectural technology.

Architecture & Young People 

The quality and sustainability of our built environment in the future will be determined by the children and young people of today. They will be the clients, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow. And their ability to make sound, informed decisions will depend on the education they receive.

So the RIAI provides access to materials, resources and programmes for primary and secondary school teachers, either in collaboration with architects or on their own, to help young people to understand architectural design and the process by which the environment is shaped.

Architecture & Society

The RIAI believes that architecture is an integral part of the social, cultural and economic life of the community. It plays a significant role in the quality of our lives.  A high quality built environment is seen as the proper concern of society as a whole, and the particular responsibility of architects, expressed both through the practice of their profession and through the participation of the Institute in public life. 

Good architecture is more likely to be built in a society where people are aware of their rights and responsibilities in its development, and have enough understanding of the process and the possibilities to be able to take part in a genuine dialogue with the people who make the decisions.

So the aim of the Institute is to promote wide dissemination of knowledge and appreciation of architecture and the built environment.  The RIAI seeks to do this by:

  • Stimulating public debate on architectural issues
  • Organising travelling exhibitions
  • Recognising excellence in architecture and architectural technology by medals and other awards.