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CPD Network

A partnership for RIAI CPD providers.

What is the RIAI CPD Network?

The RIAI CPD Network is a partnership between the RIAI and a commercial company, operating within the construction industry, wishing to develop and provide a quality, relevant presentation for an architectural audience, within a designated time frame.  A CPD network presentation is not a sales pitch or product promotion.  A CPD presentation provides relevant information to Architects and Architectural Technologists practicing in Ireland, which is interesting, technical and topical, with clear learning outcomes.  A CPD Network Provider is recognised by RIAI members as having achieved the high standard set via panel assessment and an accreditation process.

What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been defined as: " The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner's working life". (Construction Group, UK)

What is the purpose of CPD ?
It has always been the responsibility of any member of a profession to maintain his or her professional skills, and to take steps to stay well-informed about developments in the field. However, in recent times the pace of change has made keeping up-to-date an increasingly onerous task. At the same time, increasing expectations on the part of consumers put pressure on both practitioners and the professional bodies to ensure that skills are indeed being maintained.

Effective CPD results in better buildings, more consumer protection and client satisfaction for the public, better job satisfaction and career advancement for the architectural employee, and greater success for the architectural practice.

For the individual architect or technician, in today's competitive and changing world, CPD is essential for continued employment and advancement. For the practice it is essential for survival.

Why the RIAI CPD Network?
RIAI Policy requires every member of the RIAI to take all reasonable steps to maintain an appropriate level of professional skills. Where a member of the RIAI is responsible for the employment of other members, he/she must encourage them to meet their CPD obligations by developing and maintaining a CPD policy within the organisation.

The RIAI makes recommendations on the amount of 'Formal CPD activity' which a member should undertake. Activities qualifying as 'Formal CPD Activity' include: CPD designated RIAI events, relevant educational events run by recognised educational institutions or professional organisations, and appropriate conferences, seminars or workshops.

In addition, members are expected to maintain a pattern of personal study and development. This can include study tours and site visits, case studies, peer review, original research, writing books or articles, distance learning, reading books, journals, and technical literature.

It is the responsibility of each member to judge the amount and type of CPD activity necessary to maintain the professional skills appropriate to his or her chosen career path, so members are free to choose the topics which are most relevant to their own interests and responsibilities. Any topic which contributes to a member's professional development may be appropriate.

However, any CPD activity undertaken must be deliberate, focused and planned with a particular educational end in view. Each member is advised to develop a personal CPD strategy and to keep a record of his or her CPD activities.

Who can join the RIAI CPD Network?

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, products, components or equipment.
  • Specialist service suppliers
  • Associations of manufacturers or suppliers.

What kinds of materials can be submitted for assessment?
The RIAI will evaluate information supplied in any of the following formats: printed trade literature, design guides, etc., videos, CD ROMs, Web sites, presentations, lectures and seminars.

What RIAI Services will be available to Network Members?
The RIAI will provide to each Network member:

  • Copy of RIAI Member's Guide to CPD
  • Guidelines for developing effective education/marketing materials
  • Submission checklist form (to accompany submitted material)
  • Initial feedback and assessment of CPD material submitted for approval
  • Right to use RIAI CPD Network logo for approved materials/events
  • Promotion of scheme to RIAI members and member practices
  • Links from RIAI web site to web sites of RIAI CPD Network members
  • Model attendance certificate (to be issued to RIAI members by provider)
  • Model evaluation form (to be completed by RIAI members attending events)

What is in it for You?
To maximise sales in a competitive industry you need to understand how architects use trade literature, what they want of it, and how to increase your chances of achieving product visibility. The style of your marketing naturally affects the image of your company. This, after all, is what it is planned to do. However, the results may not always be as intended, and it is important to get it right. Intelligent marketing suggests an intelligent design, manufacturing, delivery and back-up service; 'stupid' advertising raises doubts about the competence of the company in other areas.

From the feedback it gets from its members, the RIAI knows that a lot of well intended, and expensive, marketing exercises for construction products are seen by architects as ill advised. Offices are short of storage space, partners want to know that their employees' time is being productively used, and specifiers are too busy to wade through quantities of unhelpful trade literature or web site pages. What architectural practices need is relevant, reliable and accessible information.

Joining the RIAI CPD network offers you:

  • RIAI mark of approval
  • Quality control for your marketing/technical information initiatives
  • Feedback from people who understand the needs and attitudes of your potential audience
  • Enhanced corporate/product image
  • Increased relevance for the Irish market; not just the legislation, but also its climate, industry methods, construction techniques, trade skills.
  • Reduced chance of your product being poorly or inappropriately used

How can your company become CPD Network accredited?
The current application fee is €1,250 per presetnation. Once a CPD Network Application has been paid for a company will have a maximum of 6 months to submit their presentation for review and assessment. Feedback and a second assessment, if required will be included in the fee charged.  A maximum of 3 months for submission of requested edits will be given. Application and fees will go out of date if no submission or contact by the applicant is made within 6 months.

Download the RIAI CPD Network FAQs. PDF File (242 KB)

For further information contact:
Olive Garde, CPD Network Officer
8 Merrion Square
Dublin 2

Tel. + 353 (0)1 676 1703
Fax. + 353 (0)1 661 0948

Email: ogarde@riai.ie