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Creating effective drainage and insulation on flat roofs to avoid ponding and subsequent damage

Product Type: Flat and tapered insulation PIR boards
Company: Xtratherm Ltd
Presentation Type: Seminar
Contact: Emmanuel Bourdin
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website http://www.xtratherm.ie/
Address: Xtratherm Ltd
Kells Road,
Co. Meath
Telephone 087 211 2243
Further Information:

Water ponding is the biggest source of failure of flat roofs. Creating effective drainage and insulation is critical for flat roof designers in the current BCAR environment. Factory formed single layer systems are the answer to this issue. Manufactured under the highest ISO quality standards, they provide the quality assurance that is more difficult to achieve with on-site built-up systems. Such systems when supported with ‘cut-to-fall’ designing schemes result in a roof that is thermally efficient, manages water drainage and is cost effective while ensuring for the designer, quality assurance of the design. We will show you that ‘rule-of-the-thumb’ traditional designs can lead to U-value errors of 15% with risks of condensation, while cost savings of 25%+ can be achieved through the use of factory formed single layer system and ‘cut-to-fall’ designing schemes.