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CPD Links

The RIAI is pleased to announce the launch of RIAI CPD LINKS,  a Partnership between Providers of Continuing Professional Development and the RIAI.

To expand the range of CPD provision to our members, and in response to demand from education providers, the RIAI has launched this initiative for partnership with people and organisations who offer educational programmes, publications and events which would be useful for Architects and Architectural Technicians/Technologists.

As part of its CPD support system the RIAI itself provides members with a wide range of technical and professional information in the form of publications, lectures, courses and advice. However, many other organisations – professional, educational and commercial – deliver programmes and events which can be of educational value to RIAI members.

In 2000 the RIAI introduced the ‘RIAI CPD Network’. The objective of the Network was to improve the quality and content of information given to architects by manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to the construction industry.

The new RIAI CPD LINKS system is intended to increase substantially the range, depth and quality of CPD opportunities available to RIAI members. This will bring to three the strands of CPD offered through the RIAI:

  •  RIAI Programmes, provided by the RIAI itself
  •  RIAI CPD Links
  •  RIAI CPD Network

Who can join the RIAI CPD LINKS?
People and organisations eligible for inclusion in RIAI CPD LINKS List may include:

  •  Educational Institutions
  •  Professional Bodies
  •  Individuals, companies, organisations, groups or associations offering educational activities or programmes relevant to architects and architectural technicians/ technologists.

The primary purpose of the programme must be educational. The RIAI makes a clear distinction between educational and marketing activities. People or organizations providing educational activities primarily as a vehicle for the promotion of their own product or service are excluded from RIAI CPD LINKS. So the following groups should refer to the ‘RIAI CPD Network’ system:

  •  Manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, products, components or equipment
  •  Specialist service suppliers
  •  Associations of manufacturers or suppliers
  •  Marketing, management, IT, financial and other companies who are promoting a service to the architectural profession.

The decision on whether an activity is primarily educational or primarily promotional rests solely with the RIAI.

The RIAI’s membership includes fully qualified Architects and Architectural Technicians / Technologists, and also graduates who are in training for their professional examinations.
Members work in a wide range of roles in both public and private sectors, in practice, in industry and in education.

The range of roles and activities in which our members engage is constantly evolving. Their core skills are set out in the RIAI Standard of Knowledge Skill and Competence for Practice as an Architect and the RIAI Standard of Knowledge Skill and Competence for Practice as an Architectural Technologist, both of which are attached.

However, many have an interest in expanding their knowledge and skills beyond what is required for their core activities or chose to follow other related career tracks. So the range of topics which may have relevance is very wide indeed and the list of additional fields given here is non-exhaustive.

  • Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation
  • Archaeology
  • Art (all fields)
  • Business (including marketing, finance, etc.)
  • Communication and Languages
  • Design (urban, landscape, furniture, product, graphic, etc.)
  • Education, Training and Mentoring
  • Economics and Politics
  • Engineering 
  • Environmental Studies
  • IT
  • Law
  • Management
  • Multi-media (Web Design, CAD, Photography, etc)
  • Planning, (Spatial, strategic, etc.)
  • Property and Development Economics
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Research
  • Technology

Any provider uncertain as to whether a field or topic might be suitable is invited to contact the RIAI for guidance before submitting a formal application.

If RIAI CPD LINKS is suited to the training that your organization provides, and you would like to make an application or speak to somebody in the RIAI, then please refer to the attached brochure and application form or contact Teresa Harte at tharte@riai.ie

Download Application Form

Download CPD Links

Applications should be returned to:  CPD Manager, RIAI, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2,

For further enquiries, please contact:

Teresa Harte
CPD Officer

T:353 1 676 1703
F:353 1 661 0948
W: www.riai.ie