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CPD Supports

1. MyRIAI CPD Online CPD recording software
MyRIAI CPD is an online software tool designed to facilitate the recording of CPD activities by RIAI members and registrants in order to demonstrate compliance with RIAI CPD Policy.

2. MyRIAI CPD User Manual
The MyRIAI CPD User Manual provides further guidance on use of the software. You can claim unstructured CPD points for reading this document.

3. RIAI CPD Training Needs Assessment and CPD Plan templates
Templates specially designed to allow you to assess your training need and plan your CPD activities are available to download from the My Overview screen of MyRIAI CPD.

4. RIAI CPD Designation
To help members identify CPD content, the RIAI assigns a ‘CPD designation’ together with Credit hours/points and learning outcomes to suitable RIAI events, service on RIAI Council and Committees, relevant articles in Irish Architect, CPD related material included in RIAI circulations, and on the RIAI website.

5. RIAI CPD Events
The RIAI provides a range of CPD activities, in response to external events such as new legislation, the needs of members’ and recommendations of the Practice Committee and other taskforces. The development of CPD events by Regional Groups is to be encouraged and supported.

6. RIAI CPD Certificates and Recording
To assist members in maintaining a record of their CPD activities the RIAI will issue evidence of attendance for all RIAI CPD events.

7. RIAI CPD Network
Under the RIAI CPD Network system, building industry manufacturers and suppliers active in Ireland can submit specially designed trade literature, design guides, seminars, etc. to the RIAI for assessment. Once a proposal meets the standards set out in the RIAI Guidelines for the Preparation of CPD Publications or Events it is given RIAI approval, and the company is allowed to publish the material or launch the event under the ‘RIAI CPD Network’ logo. Members can use materials or events carrying the RIAI CPD Network logo for their own personal CPD or as a source for In-house CPD sessions in a Practice, knowing that they have been subject to RIAI educational evaluation. See the live RIAI CPD Network course listing at http://www.riai.ie/cpd/network-courses/.

8. RIAI CPD Links
This is an RIAI initiative for partnership with people and organisations who offer educational programmes, publications and events which would be useful for Architects and Architectural Technologists. See the RIAI CPD Links course listing at http://www.riai.ie/cpd/links-courses/.