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RIAI Launches MYRIAI CPD – The New CPD Recording Tool

The new software will streamline and improve our members' and registrants' experience of recording CPD.

The RIAI has reviewed members’ feedback and collated data about how members and registrants used RIAI CPDEngage. MyRIAI CPD has been developed based on this information.


MyRIAI CPD requires fewer steps to demonstrate your CPD compliance. It has been developed exclusively as a CPD recording tool.

MyRIAI CPD uses the same member login details as the RIAI website so no need to preface your username with “riai”.

MyRIAI CPD is designed to mimic the layout of RIAI CPDEngage to ease the transition between the two systems.

The RIAI has developed a suite of documents which work alongside MyRIAI CPD to help you identify your training needs, set goals and put in place a plan to help you develop or refine your knowledge, skill and competence in a particular area. MyRIAI CPD enables you to demonstrate how you have achieved these goals.

Login to MyRIAI CPD

Login to MyRIAI CPD


Contact Details: 
Teresa Harte Email: cpd@riai.ie Telephone: (01) 6691472