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Working with an Architect

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Public & Commercial Projects

Criminal Courts

The Criminal Courts of Justice, Public Choice Award – 2010 Irish Architecture Awards, Henry J Lyons Architects

“It is a tribute to the design and construction teams that the completed building fully meets the complexity of the brief and during its first four months of operations has successfully dealt with the largest single transfer of criminal court business in the history of the State.”
- Client: The Courts Service of Ireland

If you are planning a building project, big or small, your RIAI Registered Practice will add huge value and user benefit.  Whether you are involved in a conservation project or planning a new company headquarters or public building, your architect will assess your requirements and develop a solution that is cost-effective and appropriate, while interpreting your ideas creatively and lifting your project out of the ordinary. 

There are many reasons to employ an RIAI Registered Practice:

1. Experience

Architects will bring unrivalled experience to a project

  • Registered Architecture practices are required, by the Building Control Act 2007, to be the manager and controller of registered architects who have met the requirements of registration.
  • Architects are among the longest trained professions in Ireland. Prior to becoming a registered architect, they will have trained professionally for seven years in approved universities and institutes.  Their long training reflects society’s concern that building is an important investment and should be directed by a properly qualified individual.
  • RIAI Architects are required to continually seek to raise their standards of excellence in all relevant areas including architectural education, research, training, design, technology, construction methods and practice.
  • A practising architect has to engage in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep up their RIAI registration. This keeps them abreast of new building regulations and legislation for example in planning, energy reduction and universal accessibility.
  • Architects in practice are required to carry appropriate levels of professional indemnity insurance.

2. Peace of Mind

Working with an architect will give you peace of mind. 

Their professional training, expertise and conduct will give you peace of mind that your project is in capable hands.

All RIAI Registered Architects work under a Professional Code of Conduct, which means that they are obliged to carry out work on behalf of the client honourably, independently and competently.

RIAI Professional Code of Conduct

3. Value for Money

Working with an architect will maximise the potential of your project. 

Their experience and creativity can help stretch your budget, for example by identifying new ways of utilising a site and exploring alternative construction methods, materials and finishes.

An architect will not just provide the design and drawings for your project, you will have someone on your side who knows the construction industry and who can guide you through building regulations.

The earlier an architect is brought into a project, they can help you increase value and user benefits by working out how to maximise use of the site, space and light.

St Patrick's Place

St Patrick’s Place, Cork; Best Sustainable Project - 2010 Irish Architecture Awards; Scott Tallon Walker Architects

“Being a tight city centre plot with limited access, adjacent to a live broadcast radio station, St Patrick’s Place was a challenging prospect to develop. The full potential of the site was realised by the architect with an innovative mixed-use design...The development offers a step change in the quality of city living and working environment to this part of Cork City, and its low energy design features future-proofs the design for years to come.”
-Client: Graingefield Developments

Architects are professional problem solvers.  They will find unique solutions to your problem.