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List of Arbitrators and Conciliators

Where a dispute causes between a client and builder with the architect, the RIAI has a variety of services available to help resolve the matter. These include Arbitration and Conciliation:

1. Arbitration
Arbitration is a private process where two parties submit a dispute to a neutral third party for determination.  Arbitration is generally seen as an alternative to litigation but with the advantages of being speedy, flexible and cost efficient.

Arbitration in Ireland is governed by the Arbitration Act 2010.  Generally commercial agreements, such as the RIAI Building Contracts, will contain an arbitration clause in the event of disputes.  Where there is no arbitration clause in an agreement parties may still agree to submit their complaint to arbitration.

List of Arbitrators (Download PDF File)

2. Conciliation
Conciliation is similar to mediation.  It is a private, flexible, interests based approach to dispute resolution. The difference being that if the Conciliator is unable to facilitate a settlement between the parties then he/she must issue a recommendation.  The recommendation will be binding on the parties unless it is rejected by either of them within a prescribed time period: usually ten days.

List of Conciliators (Download PDF File)