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Competitions Overview

Winner: Buro Happold Consultants Ltd / Explorations Architecture

Uniquely among the professions, architects, through the medium of architectural competitions, provide and fund a vast quantity of work at virtually no cost to the community. Such competitions represent a considerable investment in terms of time and overhead costs and, in return for this investment, architects ask that architectural competitions be held in accordance with recognised norms.

The RIAI has a responsibility for architectural competitions nationally, for architectural competitions in the EU in accordance with the regulations of the Architects Council of Europe, and internationally in accordance with the regulations of the International Union of Architects.

For an architectural competition to be successful it should meet the following criteria:

  • the project should be of importance to the community;
  • the competition should comply with national and international standards;  the documentation should provide the best possible level of information and briefing to the competitors;
  • there should be experienced architectural assessors of standing;
  • entries should be anonymous;
  • the competition should result in a commission to the winner.

The main forms of architectural competition are

  • Open Design Competition        
  • Invited Design Competition        
  • Concept / Architect Selection Competition