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Fee Schedule / Service Charges

Processing of Application - Assessment Fee

All Admission Routes incur a fee, which is noted on the Application Form along with the payment options. The fee is  a  once-off  administration  fee,  payable  on  application  that  covers  the  cost  of  processing  and  evaluating  the application.  The Application and Admissions Procedure is outlined in the Applicant Guidance.

Transcript Evaluation Fee

Candidates who do not hold a prescribed qualification must submit their course syllabus, transcript(s) and the transcript evaluation fee. This is to evaluate the qualification in architecture to access a qualification in Professional Practice. Candidates whose qualification has already been accredited by the RIAI should note the accreditation date on their application form.

* Prescribed Qualifications: Qualifications in Architecture which have been prescribed under the terms of the Building Control Act 2007.

To apply for an evaluation please click here

Service Charges

The RIAI is the Registration Body and Competent Authority for Architects in Ireland. Charges are applicable to cover for services provided by the RIAI (section 62(1)(b)-(g)) BCA 2007. Among other this includes, at your request, re-issuing a Registration Certificate, issuing Statements or Certificates confirming Registration/Membership or Qualifications.

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RIAI Membership Stamp (Fellows and Members Only)

RIAI Opinions on Compliance are intended for signature by Fellows and Members only. The Institute is aware of stances of persons using the affix MRIAI who are not Members and who would not be eligible to become Members. The RIAI stamp is available to all current Fellows/Members whose current subscriptions are paid.

The stamp includes the name of the Architect, their RIAI Membership number and title The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. The stamp enables Members to authorise documents with the official stamp of the Institute. Practice titles can also be included with member’s name on the stamp, if the member is a principal or partner in the practice.

To order a RIAI Membership Stamp please click here


Registration/RIAI Membership 

Please click here to view the RIAI Fee Schedule

Annual Charge - Frequently Asked Questions

Entries to the Register of Architects and annual charges apply to the year the Registration/RIAI Membership commences. 

The financial year runs from January to December. However, from 1st of June each year the annual charge of new registrants is reduced by 50%.

Architectural Graduate/Architectural Technologists Membership Charge

The financial year runs from January to December. However, the annual subscription of Late Entries (October, November and December) covers the entire year following commencement of Membership.

Please click here to view the RIAI Fee Schedule


Submissions cannot be processed until payment has been received which may be made to the RIAI by cheque or credit / laser Card. Payment by Direct Debit cannot be accepted.

Please quote your applicant or registration / membership number on the back of your cheque.

The annual charge for registration will be an expense incurred “wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties of an office/employment” and, if un-reimbursed by the employer, can be claimed as an Allowable Deduction for PAYE Tax purposes (Guide to Completing 2007 Pay & File Returns at www.revenue.ie)


Practice Membership with the Institute is available to MRIAI or FRIAI members.

The Institute currently has over 500 practice members and these benefit from a range of services designed specifically for practices.

RIAI Practice Membership is the term used to describe practice membership of the RIAI. Thisis distinct from both individual membership and statutory registration.

RIAI Practice Membership is open to all current Registered Members who have at least 51% controlling interest in the Practice. This must be confirmed in writing at the time of application.

Download RIAI Practice Membership Benefits

Download RIAI Practice Membership Application / Renewal Form