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  1. If I email you copies of my qualifications can you confirm that the RIAI officially recognises the degree?

    The RIAI is not in a position to acknowledge qualifications prior to the application. Degrees, course transcripts and course syllabus are evaluated by the RIAI Education Department. The purpose of the application process is to allow applicants to demonstrate that they are able to practice independently as Architects in Ireland.
  2. Do I have to be resident in the Republic of Ireland to become a Member of the RIAI/Register as an architect or to apply for Architectural Graduate membership?

    No, you do not have to be resident or established in Ireland to apply for Membership or Registration. However, if your qualifications are from a non-EU State and you are seeking to acquire a qualification that will be recognised in EU States other than Ireland, you will have to have three years certified professional experience in Ireland before other States will regard you as having “evidence of formal qualifications” for the purposes of the Directive.
    Article 3 of the European Directive (2005/36/EC) States that:

    “Evidence of formal qualifications issued by a third country shall be regarded as evidence of formal qualifications if the holder has three years' professional experience in the profession concerned on the territory of the Member State which recognized that evidence of formal qualifications in accordance with Article 2(2), certified by that Member State."
  3. The application to the Registrar for Voluntary Removal from the Register, and to RIAI Council for Voluntary Removal form RIAI Membership (if applicable)

    This declaration is to be completed when seeking voluntary removal (resignation) from the register. Where the registered architect completing this declaration is also a member of the RIAI, this declaration shall also serve for the purposes of resignation from RIAI Membership. If seeking Voluntary removal, please ensure that you have read the RIAI’s “Advice note to Architects re coming off the register and subsequently seeking reinstatement or readmission” first published on 18 December 2012. Information on returning to the register (/membership) is published here http://www.riai.ie/admissions/architects/.

    Voluntary Removal Declaration of Resignation from the Register of Architects Form