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Appeals Overview

Decisions relating to Admissions can come under the Statutory or Non-Statutory procedures according to which body makes the decision. That is, decisions of Statutory Boards established under the Building Control Act 2007, the Admissions Board and the Technical Assessment Board in this instance, can be appealed to the Statutory Appeals Board. Decisions made by the RIAI can be appealed under the RIAI Non-Statutory Appeals Policy. Both mechanisms provide for appeals on procedural and substantive grounds.

Statutory Appeals

The Building Control Act 2007, at section 25,  provides that:

“A person adversely affected by a decision of the Admissions Board, the Technical Assessment Board or the Professional Conduct Committee may appeal to the Appeals Board against the decision.”

Appeals relating to decisions made by the Admissions Board or the Technical Assessment Board must therefore be addressed to the Statutory Appeals Board. Applicants are advised of their right of access to the statutory appeals system when advised of the relevant Board’s decision. The RIAI staff member handling the statutory appeals process is Frank Turvey fturvey@riai.ie.

Non-statutory Appeals

The RIAI is required to make a range of decisions which are relevant to the Admissions processes in its capacity as a Professional Body.  These include ‘Route C’ assessments and membership decisions. Appeals against these decisions can be made under the RIAI’s Non Statutory Appeals Policy (2012)

The policy itself can be accessed here: RIAI Non Statutory Appeals Policy

The procedures and application form for making an appeal can be accessed here:  RIAI Non-Statutory Appeal Guidance and Form

The RIAI staff member handling the Non-Statutory appeals process is Carol Curran ccurran@riai.ie.