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Admissions Procedure

The Admission Process consists of 2 Steps.

1st Step: Application and Evaluation Process

There are several Admission routes to RIAI Membership and/or Registration of which candidates should choose the Route that is applicable to their own qualifications and experience.

All documents listed on the application form have to be submitted. Only where “copy” is mentioned can a copy of an original document be accepted. Any document in a language other than English should be accompanied by a certified translation.

The Verification of Qualification Form and Verification of Professional Practice Examination Form must be forwarded for completion by the candidate to the educational institution which should post it directly to the RIAI. Applications can only be processed once all documents have been received. Verification of Qualification Form(s) will be acknowledged at the time they are received.

Candidates who do not hold a prescribed qualification (Route D Applicants exempt) must submit their course syllabus, transcript(s) and the transcript evaluation fee. This is to evaluate the qualification in architecture for equivalence with a prescribed/cognate qualification. Candidates whose qualification has already been accredited by the RIAI should note the accreditation date on their application form.

All candidates have to pay an assessment fee which is a once-off administration fee, payable on application that covers the cost of processing and evaluating the  submission.

The application form should be completed and signed by the applicant legibly in blue or black pen. Only the original application form can be accepted.

Applicants are advised to make and retain for themselves a copy of their application. Submissions to the RIAI will normally be retained. 

Applications cannot be processed until all documents have been submitted and payment has been received.

Once the application has been processed, the qualifications and documents verified and the application deemed successful the RIAI Admissions section will forward applications (as appropriate to the relevant Board (Admissions Board for registration as an architect or Board of Architectural Education Admissions Committee)

Please Note: All application packages contain supporting documents such as criteria, procedures and guidance for applicants. The onus is on the applicant to read the information provided and to ensure that the application is complete and that all relevant documentation is submitted in the correct format. Failure to do so means a delay in processing the application.


There is no deadline for receipt of applications.

Due to the variety of Admission Route requirements and the various process requirements the RIAI cannot provide a schedule or time line for applications in general. 

Applicants should be aware that, depending on the Admission Route, several stages of verification may have to be completed as part of the application evaluation process and appropriate time has to be given for the processing of the application.

Applications are examined as quickly as possible and in any case a decision will be made within three months os submission of a complete application. The deadline may be extended by one month in certain cases (Chapters I and II of the EU Directive).

2nd Step: Registration / Membership Process

Successful Applications

If the application is successful candidates are informed about their eligibility for Membership and/or Registration and receive a New Registration/Membership Form for completion.

In order to activate the Membership and/or Registration candidates need to sign the Undertakings and pay their first annual charge.

Once Membership/Registration payment has been processed the candidate receives his/her Registration/Membership details. Details for the Register of Architects will be uploaded on a daily basis. Registration certificates (for Architects) are issued annually at the beginning of the year and on a monthly basis for new entrants.