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Admissions Overview

This section provides information and application forms to:

  • Apply to be an architect member of the RIAI
  • Apply to register as an architect
  • Apply for readmission to the RIAI Register of architects/RIAI membership
  • Apply for architectural graduate membership of the RIAI
  • Apply for architectural technologist membership of the RIAI

All downloads in this section are PDF files You will need Adobe Reader to view them.

Why become a member of the RIAI?

The RIAI is a professional body as well as a registration body and has a number of grades of membership for which you can apply including:

  • Architect – MRIAI or MRIAI(IRL)
  • Architectural graduate – no affix
  • Architectural technologist – RIAI (ArchTech)

RIAI Fellows (FRIAI) comprise another architect grade but direct applications cannot be made for this grade. Architect Members and Fellows are eligible for registration as architects. The RIAI also has Honorary Member and Fellow grades but these grades do not confer eligibility to register.

For the protection of clients, users of the built environment, architects in general and those in related professions any member must also be on the register of architects.

If you are eligible to be registered, you can do so without becoming a member of the RIAI, however, access to the majority of RIAI services, other than registration, is restricted to members.

Membership of the RIAI provides access to a wide a range of supports and services designed to help you as a professional deliver an effective service to clients, employers and the public. Membership also gives you access to a community of professionals committed to high standards in architectural design and practice nationally and internationally.

View information on Membership Benefits

Why Register?

The Building Control Act 2007 requires all of those using the title ‘Architect’ to be registered. Any person not on the Register who uses the title ‘Architect’ or practices under any name, style or title containing the word ‘Architect’ is guilty of an offence under the Act.
Part 3 of the Building Control Act 2007 requires the RIAI to establish the Register for Architects. The RIAI is defined as the Registration Body for the purposes of Part 3 of the Act (the Part relating to architects).