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RIAI Services to Members

The RIAI Universal Design Task Force
This remit of this specialised Task Force is to consider and advise on accessibility of the design and construction of buildings and the external environment. The Committee advises members on regulations concerning disability, enactments in law, forthcoming changes and direction in disability design and comments on public consultation documents on behalf of the RIAI. They have disseminated their experience, skill and knowledge design by presenting CPD seminars for RIAI Members. Membership of the Committee is comprised of architects in private practice and the public service specialising in universal design.

The RIAI Sustainability Task Force
The remit of this specialised Task Force is to consider and advise on sustainability design and sustainable development for the 21st century. The full life cycle impacts of all buildings are considered. The Task Force is developing a coherent strategy on sustainable development to combine the provision of new, energy efficient buildings and prolong the useful life of existing structures. The Task Force encourages RIAI Members efforts to produce a culturally driven, competitive and sustainable, high-quality built environment.

The RIAI Housing Committee
The Housing Committee deals with all aspects of housing design, both private estate housing, public, social and affordable, multi-storey and single house design. Careful consideration is given to planning and building regulations matters with advice to Members. The Committee comments on consultation documents, local authority development plans and development plan variations. There is a close liaison with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government with membership contributions to the Joint RIAI/DoECLG Sustainable Communities and Housing Committee and the bi-annual National Housing Conference.

The RIAI Historic Building Committee
The Historic Building Committee comprises of specialised practitioners working in the field of restoration and conservation of historic buildings. This highly specialised area of work is required due to planning legislation enacted to provide protection of historic buildings. Guidance is offered by the Committee to RIAI Members on all aspects of the architectural service for restoration work and a three tired accreditation system was devised to accommodate the necessary skills and experience to ensure appropriate levels of expertise are available. The Committee advises not only members, but also legislators, planners and specialist groups on conservation issues.

The RIAI Urban Design Committee
Since April 2010 the RIAI have set up an Urban Design Committee to develop policy objectives and promote exemplary practice in Urban Design. The Committee will assist in the further development of Urban Design CPD including various aspects of practical research in this area. The five high level objectives of this committee will be to:

  1. Support the objectives of the RIAI Action Plan 2010-2013
  2. Promote the role of Urban Design in the development of sustainable settlement patterns and the inherent relationship with qualitative Architecture
  3. Raise both the value, awareness and understanding of Urban Design among the wider membership of the RIAI
  4. Explore the urban design competencies required of an Architect Urban Designer
  5. Consider the development of multi-disciplinary approach to CPD or RIAI Urban Design accreditation

The RIAI Practice Committee
The RIAI Practice Committee deals with all aspects of how architects practice architecture in Ireland; the day-to-day business matters revolving around the architectural services to clients, designing projects to meet the highest construction and regulatory standards.

Consideration and advice to RIAI Members is given on planning, construction, detailing and component assembly, co-ordination of the services of other construction consultants, conveyancing, building maintenance and the inherent aspects of accessibility and sustainable buildings contained within the design and construction process.

Practices Notes and Information Papers are prepared to assist Members in their daily work. The skills and experience of the Committee membership is balanced between large, medium and sole practitioners, supplemented by Architects working in the public service.

  • Practice Sub Committee A: Planning & Development Plan Reviews, Public Service Architects
  • Practice Sub Committee B: Building Regulations – Fire Safety – Health and Safety – DAC’s- Building Technologies
  • Practice Sub Committee C: Building Contracts – RIAI Forms – Government Forms – Certification – Contract Administration – Dispute Resolution – Insurances – Project Management Warranties – Liaison Committee
  • Practice Sub Committee D: Good Practice Guide Review – Risk Management – Practice Notes – Information Papers – CPD online
  • Practice Sub Committee E: The Role of the Practice Committee – Communication with Membership – Reducing Bureaucracy
  • Practice Sub Committee F: Information Systems – Project Costing – Templates – Risk Analysis – Cost Guidelines
  • Practice Sub Committee G: Review of RIAI Documentation – Client/Architect Agreements – Client Briefing – Warranties – Opinions on Compliance
  • Practice Sub Committee H: Procurement – P.I.I
  • Practice Sub Committee I: Building Information Modelling

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