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RIAI Bookshop

RIAI Bookshop LogoThe RIAI Bookshop at 8 Merrion Square is the largest stockist of architectural publications in Ireland.

The RIAI Bookshop is the only supplier of RIAI documentation, many of which are essential to architects, clients and contractors.

Opening Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday – Friday)

If you have any bookshop queries, please contact Brona King Tel: 01 676 1703.

To place your order request, please send your request in writing by email: bking@riai.ie

Top selling book titles:


RIAI Annual Review, Irish Architecture, Vol 6 (2015/16)

A richly illustrated publication (150 pages), accompanied by essays and reviews, The RIAI Annual Review offers a unique insight and fresh look at the value that quality architecture brings to society and of the architectural talent that exists in Ireland.

PRICE : €30

Also available are Volumes 1, 2,  3 and 4 contact bookshop manager Brona King for special offers to purchase the full set. T 01 6761703, E bking@riai.ie


McCullough Mulvin:Arcquitectura 2004 - 2015


Established by Valerie Mulvin and Niall McCullough, McCullough Mulvin Architects work on cultural and civic buildings in Ireland, working to define a new public realm in a changing society, dealing with Ireland’s diffuse light and stark materiality.

"One major theme in our work is about growing architecture in and into its place, the other about deconstruction, layering and the archaeology of architecture. In a globalised world of generic responses to context, the architectural experiment is about exploring this potential, in moving over and back, drawing and re-drawing to fix something in the project that really roots it "

PRICE : €45


Space for Architecture - the work of O Donnell + Tuomey

The Dublin-based practice, O Donnell + Tuomey Architects have been involved with urban design, educational and cultural buildings, houses and housing projects in Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK for many years. They have recently won competitions for two key projects in London: the Photographers Gallery and the London School of Economics Students Centre. Sheila O Donnell and john Tuomey, who both teach at University College Dublin and lecture internationally, look at the way in which different geographical, social and political influences have shaped their work and approach to architecture generally.

PRICE : €38


RIAI Bookshop:

Innovative Student Residences 

Current design modes of student residences are facing challenges of both philosophy and form. Past approaches no longer sustain new demands and require innovative thinking. The need for a new outlook is propelled by fundamental changes that touch upon environmental, economic, and social factors.Thinking innovatively about university accommodation led to the idea to write Innovative Student Residences. The author offers a fascinating insight into contemporary design concepts and illustrates them with outstanding examples, showcased by full-colour photography and detailed plans

PRICE : €62.00


Landscape Architecture

This book captures the essence of how the world is designed around us. A global and influential group of landscape architects will divulge fascinating details about their work - including their inspirations and design processes - as well as debate the key issues for landscape architects today and in the future.

This up-to-date overview of contemporary landscape architecture offers students, practitioners and enthusiasts an inspiring and insightful look at global landscape architecture today. Catherine Mosbach, George Hargreaves, Martha Schwartz and Adrian Geuze as well as the best and brightest of the next generation of designers engage with a diverse range of projects, demonstrating both the importance and creativity of landscape architecture.

PRICE : €59.95


Henchion and Reuter - Selected works

The Dublin & Berlin-based practice, Henchion and Reuter Architects have been involved with urban design, recreational and cultural buildings, houses and housing projects in Ireland and Germany for many years. This 210 page monograph records work completed over the last 15 years and presents the diversity of the practice portfolio. The HRA office sustains the broadest spectrum of design interests and will gladly engage with the physical work at any scale, whether machine, building or landscape; that is; where architectural consideration can give meaningful form to new ideas.

Language: English (German translation to follow).

PRICE: €22.00


The Concise Townscape by Gordon Cullen

This book pioneered the concept of townscape. 'Townscape' is the art of giving visual coherence and organization to the jumble of buildings, streets and space that make up the urban environment. It has been a major influence on architects, planners and others concerned with what cities should look like.

PRICE : €44.50



Studio Craft & Technique

Studio Craft & Technique is a one-stop handbook for undergraduate students of architecture. Based on the belief that technology is at the heart of design studies, this book encourages students to think of design and technology as an integrated whole. We provide step-by-step techniques for skills that students use in their undergraduate studies, such as drawing, model making and surveying and explain the conventions of architectural representation.

The book also explains the primary elements of construction and structure from first principles, using clear diagrams and drawings. Students will use this handbook on a daily basis in their design and technology studios through their first years of study. Studio Craft & Technique has been recommended to first year students by The Bartlett School of Architecture.

PRICE : €27.50


Designing Interior Architecture

The design of interiors, alongside the other design disciplines, is a vital task in the shaping of our built environment. In this book, an international and interdisciplinary team of authors gives an extensive account of today's main areas of work in interior architecture and design. Illustrations of contemporary projects, selected consistently throughout the book, cover the breadth of typical interior design tasks as well as a wide range of possible design approaches. This book is a fundamental reference work for all those professionally involved in the design of interiors.

PRICE : €50.50


The New Housing 2

This RIAI publication intends to show best practice in housing and mixed use development through schemes which are planned, under construction or completed.  It follows the full range of urban planning, from villages and small towns, throuh the extensions of towns and cities to regeneration of existing towns and cities.

PRICE : €45    Price Reduced Now: €5



Infrastructure and the Architectures of Modernity in Ireland 1916-2016

At the formation of the new Republic of Ireland, the construction of new infrastructures was seen as an essential element in the building of the new nation. Accordingly, infrastructure became the physical manifestation, the concrete identity of these objectives and architecture formed an integral part of this narrative. Moving between scales and from artefact to context, Infrastructure and the Architectures of Modernity in Ireland 1916-2016 provides critical insights and narratives on what is a complex and hitherto overlooked landscape, one which is often as much international as it is Irish. In doing so, it explores the interaction between the universalising and globalising tendencies of modernisation on one hand and the textures of local architectures on the other.

PRICE : €78


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

101 things I Learned in Architecture School' offers architects pearls of wisdom that every architecture student should understand, consider and embrace or perhaps rejects. This book is an eclectic itemisation of architectural philosophies compositional strategies and tactics and even tips about how to behave as an architect.

PRICE : €13.95



Each house is presented with colour photographs, plans of every floor, sections, elevations and details.  There is also a descriptive text and detailed captions.  The houses are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages and an accompanying CD-ROM contains all the drawings as printed in the book.

PRICE : €43


The Thinking Hand

In 'The Thinking Hand', Juhani Pallasmaa reveals the miraculous potential of the human hand. He shows how the pencil in the hand of the artist or architect becomes the bridge between the imagining mind and the emerging image.

PRICE : €30


AAI Awards 2010

Details in Contemporary Timber Architecture' is an excellent reference work for practicing architecture as well as architects and design students. There is descriptive text and detailed captions and in-depth information for each of the 50 projects included.

PRICE : €41


AAI Awards 2010

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture': Architectural detailing makes a building unique and an architect outstanding - this book provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of detailing - featuring 50 projects of the world's most highly acclaimed architects.

PRICE : €43


Detail in Contemporary Landscape Achitecture

Featuring many of the world's most highly acclaimed architects, this book presents 40 of the most recently completed and influential landscape designs, organised in four sections: parks, cultural civic and waterfront landscapes. Free CD rom with all drawings.

PRICE : €38


The Environmental Design Pocketbook

The Environmental Design Pocketbook 2nd ed places the information you need for sustainable, low energy building design at your fingertips.
This 2nd edition is now fully up-to-date with the latest Building Regulations Part L and F legislation (England and Wales), RIBA Plan of Work 2013, new information on the Green Deal and Zero Carbon and contains revised references and further reading sections throughout.
The new edition also continues to provide:

  • Guidance on all core sustainability topics
  • Handy tools, allowing quick design estimates
  • Design guidance, technology, building science and best practice

PRICE : €32.00


LexIcon: Dun Laoghaire Hardcover – 15 Dec 2015

This book describes the process of designing and constructing the new award-winning Lexicon library in Dun Laoghaire. With multiple essays, detailed drawings and beautiful photography by Dennis Gilbert, the book gives a complete picture of this magnificent new building. 


PRICE: € 20




Colour Strategies in Architecture

This book explores the potential of colour to modify space and the way in which buildings are perceived. Drawing on examples from the 20th and 21st centuries, ranging from architectural icons to hidden gems, the volume presents six different strategies for working with colour in architecture. Each chapter presents a specific way of planning the interplay of colour and space. In one example, colour reinforces and clarifies the architectural form, while in another the colour interprets the form in a playful way. Sometimes the colour is a subtle interpretation of light and shadow, elsewhere it envelops us in an intense, immersive experience or creates a sophisticated holistic interplay with architectural form. In each case, colour gives the architecture identity and creates an added value that is both creative and functional.

PRICE : €69


Peter Zumthor Atmospheres 

What really constitutes an architectural atmosphere, Peter Zumthor says, is this singular density and mood, this feeling of presence, well-being, harmony, beauty ... under whose spell I experience what I otherwise would not experience in precisely this way. Zumthors passion is the creation of buildings that produce this kind of effect, but how can one actually set out to achieve it?In nine short, illustrated chapters framed as a process of self-observation, Peter Zumthor describes what he has on his mind as he sets about creating the atmosphere of his houses. Images of spaces and buildings that affect him are every bit as important as particular pieces of music or books that inspire him.

PRICE : €36.50



Kengo Kuma Complete Works

The quintessential Japanese architect of today, Kengo Kuma has forged a modern design language that artfully combines the countrys traditional building crafts with sophisticated technologies and materials. Associating a deep understanding and respect for native construction techniques with a more globalized outlook than many of his compatriots, Kengo Kumas work represents a significant generational shift in a country rich with contemporary architecture. From his iconic Glass House (1995) to the Nezu Museum in Tokyo, this is the complete record of Kengo Kumas built work, comprising twentyfour projects to date.

PRICE : €69.95



Palimpsest describes the concept of something layered over something else- usually in a painting; the same idea applies to buildings, which are often changed and altered after construction, becoming an intricate weave of old and new. Palimpsest: Intervention and Change in Irish Architecture- is a radical re-appraisal of the Irish architectural tradition, showing that many buildings which seem complete are actually the outcome of careful and intelligent change carried out over several generations- a mark of cultural and social continuities in Irish history and an striking example of sustainable re-use. Palimpsest is heavily illustrated with drawings and photographs of Irish buildings and structures which will, in the main, be unfamiliar to an interested public. The book is itself a Palimpsest- a new edition of a small book about the same subject first published in 1994; this edition has been re-designed by Conor and David; it also places the work in a European context and demonstrates the relevance of the approach in contemporary architecture.

PRICE : € 29.95


i.e. Patterns of Thought

This Book Presents a Miscellany of Writing and Reflections on the Subject of Irish Architecture and Spatial Practices by Irish Thinkers

PRICE : €25



The Houses of Louis Kahn

This beautiful book is the first to look at Kahn's nine major private houses. Beginning with his earliest encounters with Modernism in the late 1920s and continuing through his iconic work of the 1960s and 1970s, the authors trace the evolution of the architect's thinking, which began and matured through his design of houses and their interiors, a process inspired by his interactions with clients and his admiration for vernacular building traditions.

PRICE : €48.00



Urban Code

Cities speak, and this little book helps us understand their language. Considering the urban landscape not from the abstract perspective of an urban planner but from the viewpoint of an attentive observer, Urban Code offers 100 "lessons"--maxims, observations, and bite-size truths, followed by short essays--that teach us how to read the city. This is a user's guide to the city, a primer of urban literacy, at the pedestrian level. The reader (like the observant city stroller) can move from "People walk in the sunshine" (lesson 1) to "Street vendors are positioned according to the path of the sun" (lesson 2); consider possible connections between the fact that "Locals and tourists use the streets at different times" (lesson 41) and "Tourists stand still when they're looking at something" (lesson 68); and weigh the apparent contradiction of lesson 73, "Nightlife hotspots increase pedestrian traffic" and lesson 74, "People are afraid of the dark." A lesson may seem self-evident ("Grocery stores are important local destinations"--of course they are!) but considered in the context of other lessons, it becomes part of a natural logic.

PRICE : €22.50


Tony Fretton Architects

This is a comprehensive overview on the work of a renowned London architect: Tony Fretton. With his designs for the Camden Arts Centre, the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum in Denmark, London townhouse for the artist Anish Kapoor and the British embassy in Warsaw, Fretton has emerged as one of the most prominent contemporary architects. This monograph provides a long-awaited reference work to his oeuvre.

PRICE : €70









This hands-on, no-nonsense guide to running smaller projects up to £1m in value will become your 'bible' in day-to-day practice.

Each chapter provides; simple step-by-step guidance to the key tasks in that stage of the Plan of Work including inputs, outputs, stage activities and sustainability checkpoints.

  • in-text features which break down complex tasks and highlight best practice with pragmatic, real world advice including 'tips', 'warnings' and guidance on forms and templates
  •  inspiring case studies of award-winning and iconic small projects that document the architect's experience of the process
  • guidance at each 'Plan of Work' stage on the relevant practice issues that will help you to run your small project more effectively.

PRICE : €48



Social Housing

The examples included in this volume are a clear demonstration of the optimization of resources used in social housing architecture. These projects offer a great variety of typological solutions that are as flexible in their material fulfilment as in their functionality. Every project in this book is thoroughly documented and profusely illustrated with full-colour photographs, offering a wealth of information for architects, students, or anyone else who is interested in new forms of social housing architecture.

PRICE : €62.50


The AAI Awards 2014

This beautifully designed volume carries copious drawings and photographs, architects' descriptions and assessors' comments on every awarded and commended scheme.


31 101 Rules of thumbs

101 Rules of Thumb for Sustainable Buildings and Cities Paperback – 27 Nov 2015

People across the world are becoming more aware of the need for the buildings and cities they live and work in to be sustainable, but the issue of how to be sustainable can seem a confusing and complex one.

These rules of thumb provide universal guidelines for the sustainable design of both buildings and the urban realm. It’s a global primer and textbook for anyone interested in understanding sustainability in the built environment, an ideal starting point for students as well as an aide memoir for more experienced readers and practitioners interested in this field.

PRICE : €28.25


Dublin Architecture 150+

This 320-page full-colour Gandon Editions hardback book by the architect Seán Antóin Ó Muirí features over 150 of the best buildings and public spaces completed in Dublin since 1990. The selected projects are contextualised by authoritative essays on contemporary and 20th-century Dublin architecture by Dermot Boyd, Ciarán Cuffe and Shane O’ Toole.  This sumptuously illustrated book carries 1,397 illustrations — 691 photos and 706 drawings.  This book is an essential architectural guide for cultural tourists and researchers

PRICE :€ 29.00


Issue 284 Architecture Ireland

Architecture Ireland is the RIAI's official journal and the leading architectural magazine for Irish architecture. The magazine is published six times per annum and its objective is to give the widest possible coverage to both Irish architecture and to Irish architects as well as keeping the professional informed with up-to-date information on the activities of the Institute and architecture.


PRICE: € 9.65