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​The RIAI Annual Review – Irish Architecture

Published by the RIAI and funded under the Government Policy on Architecture, the RIAI Annual Review, Irish Architecture marks the far-reaching achievements of Irish architecture, both at home and abroad. The book offers a fresh and uplifting look at contemporary Irish architecture. All featured buildings are drawn from the RIAI’s annual awards. Each project is richly illustrated through photographs and drawings and discussed by leading commentators on Irish architecture. The RIAI Annual Review also features recent RIAI competitions, awards and medals; emerging practices; topical interviews and essays on Irish architecture.

Published to-date are seven volumes – all available from the RIAI Bookshop. Please contact the RIAI Bookshop manager, Brona King, if you are interested to purchase the current or a past edition, T 016761703, bking@riai.ie.

Editor: Dr Sandra O’Connell.
Editorial Team: Dermot Boyd, Paul Keogh and Kathryn Meghen.
Design: Origin