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RIAI President Announces 2014 Annual Conference: The Common Place

Published: Thursday, July 24, 2014

RIAI President Announce Conference Theme

The 2014 RIAI Annual Conference will develop the theme of the ‘Common Place’ – that place where architects feel most at home and where they can contribute the most. After the trauma of the last few years, it is critically important that we reclaim the ground that we have lost. We will be engaging with as many members as possible on a wide range of subjects. When I set out, I thought to entrust it to architects under forty and that is what we have done (nearly!). There will be plenary sessions and ‘break-out’ sessions. Some will be very serious and some will be a little wider than the norm for these events. I would particularly like to mark our 175th celebrations. Topics will range from emerging architects to communication, education, law, economy, urbanism and other ways of practicing. We will have some audio-visual treats and some small workshops with people who have worked with the masters. These themed-sessions will be staggered to avoid conflicting schedules and allow participants the choice of attending their preferred subjects.

The conference themes are being developed by the RIAI with input from a broad-based committee of members to reflect continual changes in architectural culture and the expansive experience within the profession. In broadening the spectrum of debate and including new thinking within the discipline, the RIAI Annual Conference continues to remain vital, useful and relevant to the architectural profession.

For more updates on the upcoming conference, please visit http://riaiconference.ie/ website. 

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