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Sounding Space – an improvised live performance by Anthony Kelly, David Stalling and Harry Moore


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


12pm – 2pm


Irish Architectural Archive, 45 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.



Event Information

Tuesday 28th March 2017 12pm – 2pm

Anthony Kelly, David Stalling and Harry Moore will play their instruments and improvise utilising the current exhibition, House and Home, and the gallery space as a live score.

The instruments used by the three artists may have some association with conventional musical instruments but are custom built and frequently modified from other everyday objects for their sonic potential. Each constructs their own menagerie of instruments and improvises a sonic rendering, responding to the environment and each other.

Please Note: This is a durational performance and the audience are invited to enter and leave the space as they wish.

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling have been collaborating on a series of sound and visual works since 2003. Together the make sound and video installations. Their work encompasses a shared practice of recycling ‘objets trouveés’ of sound, visual and text material in their ongoing collaborative sessions. The juxtaposition of contrasting material results in a series of audio/ visual ‘musique concrète’ pieces.

Kelly and Stalling also perform live improvisations, as a duo as well as with others, including The Quiet Club, Robert Curgenven and Jennifer Walshe. Some of their recent performances include listen | compose | perform, Henrietta Street, Dublin, In-stream, Ulster University, Belfast; Just Listening, LSAD Limerick; the i-and-e festival, Dublin; They founded the sound art label Farpoint Recordings in 2005, publishing projects by artists such as Quiet Music Ensemble, Karen Power, Stephen Vitiello, Fergus Kelly and Linda O’Keeffe, and many others alongside their own work.

Harry Moore’s artistic practice includes photography, specialising in pinhole photography and increasingly explorations with sound. harrymoore.net


The event is free and open to the public and takes place in the Irish Architectural Archive.

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